Parts Work Practice

Learning about your parts using IFS

What is Parts Work Practice?

Parts Work Practice is a group that was created to help participants get to know their parts using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model (IFS-Institute.com). This group welcomes people who are new to the IFS model as well as those who have been building relationships with their parts for years.

The group started at the end of 2020. After completing Level 1 training with the IFS Institute, I started using the Self-Therapy workbook by Bonnie Weiss and created this group so I would have others to practice the exercises in the workbook with. Word got out in the IFS community and the group grew quickly so I enlisted the help of two Internal Family Systems trained practitioners. Now we are joined regularly on Zoom by people from all over the world and have several additional volunteers who help as Zoom Techs and Practice Assistants.

Unlike most therapy models, IFS is accessible to everyone who takes the time to learn it and apply it. However, there are aspects of the model which we believe should be facilitated by a trained professional. So, when it comes time to unburden exiles, we recommend that you secure the support of an IFS trained therapist or practitioner. Go to IFS-Institute.com/practitioners to find someone who can help you. Or look below at our contact information. Many of who volunteer to offer this group also offer IFS sessions for a fee.

Our purpose is to help participants learn how to use the IFS model on their own or with practice partners. We recommend that you consider finding someone to practice the model with if you aren’t working with an IFS trained therapist or practitioner.

Please assess your own needs and expectations as you come into each session. During Parts Work Practice, you can expect to learn more about how to work with your own internal family system,, and to be joined by a group of IFS enthusiasts as we practice and discuss the IFS model

During Parts Work Practice, you should not expect to be told what to do or to use the group as therapy or crisis management. While participating in our group may be therapeutic (meaning beneficial), what we do is not therapy. For now we are using a workbook written by Bonnie Weiss; “The Self-Therapy Workbook.” We believe that healing (restoration to wholeness) can be achieved when working with the IFS model – even when doing it alone and without the support of a therapist.

This belief is grounded in our individual and combined personal experiences. But you be the judge. We make no claims that YOU will find healing or that our practice groups are right for you. If you are looking for support as you explore your inner world using the IFS model, come join us and decide for yourself if participating in our Parts Work Practice groups is helpful.

Before joining, please read our disclosure. If after reading the disclosure, you decide to join us, we recommend that you review the documents in the Helpful Links we created to make the experience more comfortable and helpful.

We are not IFS but we are trained in the IFS model

If you are thinking of joining us, its important to understand that we are not representatives of, nor affiliated with the IFS Institute (https://IFS-Institute.com). Parts Work Practice is neither approved nor endorsed by the IFS Institute. On this webpage and website, there are numerous references to Internal Family Systems and IFS. All content that you find here has been written by Bill Tierney and may not always represent the views or policies of the IFS Institute. Bill Tierney Coaching and Parts Work Practice are not intended as training for the IFS model. For all IFS endorsed training, please go https://IFS-Institute.com.

This group is not meant to replace the support of a licensed mental health professional. Internal Family Systems is a therapy model that can be used by individuals for personal development with or without the help of a trained IFS therapist or practitioner. It is the opinion of the facilitators of Parts Work Practice that some aspects of the IFS model should not be attempted without the help of someone trained by the IFS Institute. In this group, we will help you discover and learn about your exiled parts but we will not facilitate or attempt to unburden them or to teach you how to do so.

Meet the Co-Leaders

Certified IFS Practitioner and Personal Development Coach

My purpose as a personal development coach and IFS Practitioner is to help others awaken to their true nature. I believe that who we are and who have always been becomes concealed behind layers of false beliefs and trapped feelings. We draw erroneous conclusions about the painful and scary events of life and become too frightened to allow ourselves to release our hurt and terror. We hide who we really are for our own safety and go about constructing a more acceptable version of ourselves.

We reason that we are imperfect, unlovable, damaged, and not enough. We spend our lives working hard to make up for our perceived shortcomings and faults, scrambling to be good enough, and hungry for the breadcrumbs of love, acceptance, and the approval of others.

In the soft and safe moments of life, in times of unshielded joy, in peak experiences in the zone, we get an occasional glimpse of who we really are and of the perfection of our existence. But for some of us, those times are rare and fleeting. We have become lost and are afraid to admit that we are confused and afraid.

I have discovered a path back to myself. I am waking up. Remembering who I am requires a persistent commitment to use my troubles to reveal the truth. I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery. You are not alone on this path. There are many others who are learning to turn their focus inward one upset, one disappointment, one hurt at a time.

You can count on life to offer plenty of opportunities to emerge from exile. The first step is to use the disempowering events of your life to change your perspective. Despite appearances, the circumstances of your life are not responsible for how you feel, how you react, and the consequences of those reactions. Your view of these circumstances determines your experience.

Changing your perspective will require you to turn your gaze inward. Rather than focusing externally on the apparent cause of your experience, you can form the habit of internal observation and management. I use the Work of Byron Katie (www.TheWork.com), Internal Family Systems (www.IFS-Institute.com), and many original innovative mindset tools to help my clients on their journeys to True Self.

I live in Liberty Lake Washington with my wife Kathy. I have lived in the Northwest since 1970 and have been in the Personal Development Coaching Business since 2011. I had my first IFS therapy session in 2016 and began training as an IFS practitioner in 2018. Together, Kathy and I have 6 children and 12 grandchildren.

Bill Tierney, Certified IFS Practitioner and Personal Development Coach

Bill Tierney

To work with Bill, contact him in one of the following ways.

Phone 509-230-5152

Email  Bill@BillTierneyCoaching.com

Alison Dyer

Certified IFS Practitioner

My passion for helping others comes from my own journey towards wholeness and healing. I draw from my own extensive experiences of healing from trauma to assist others. When we are traumatized we learn to hide. We hide from ourselves and we hide from others. We develop elaborate coping mechanisms that enable us to move through life without really living life.

IFS has taught me that I don’t have to hide. My coping strategies, while brilliant, prevented me from showing up for myself and to others in a way that was authentic. With the help of others I learned to  became my own internal explorer and brought along curiosity and a desire to connect with myself in what continues to this day as a grand adventure.

I believe that all of us can become our own internal explorers. I would love to explore your inner world with you in a space that is safe. I bring curiosity and a deep respect for those parts of us who work so hard to keep us safe but are often times tired and when given the opportunity are willing to let go of beliefs that no longer serve.

Alison has taken IFS level 1,2 and 3 training courses and is a Certified IFS practitioner. She has also served as a program assistant in an IFS level 1 training. She has been trained in Pilate’s Movement Principles and 3D anatomy through Balanced Body. She lives in Colbert, WA. She is married with two adult sons and is a grandma!


To work with Alison, contact her in one of the following ways.

Email: alisonmdyer4@gmail.com

Phone: 509-863-8983

Meet the Practice Assistants

Brigid Howard     

​As an IFS Inspired Life Coach, I help guide and empower youth and adults to obtain their goals one step at a time.  In addition to being a coach, I have many years of experience working as a counselor, helping individuals of all abilities and differences, work through barriers to reach their potential.  In 2018, my passion for learning led me to IFS.  This was a BIG shift in my personal and professional life.  My IFS journey has brought- inner harmony, resolution to various life issues, improved relationships, less stress, and has helped overcome emotional wounds.  I look forward to opportunities where I can share my knowledge and experience.

Brigid lives in Ontario, Canada.  She is married and the mother of two adults and a cat named Sunny.  She enjoys hiking, camping and yoga.

To work with Brigid, contact her in one of the following ways:

Phone:  905-658-0477

Email:  bhoward.cc@gmail.com

Noga Kreiman-Miller

Level 3 IFS trained

Offering individual sessions on zoom. Holistic approach.

I have openings for new clients.



Fleur Romano  

I’m an IFSCA-trained (equivalent Level 1) counsellor and coach supporting people impacted by a loved one’s addiction. Like many, my desire to heal from complex trauma eventually led me to Internal Family Systems.

Alongside my knowledge of somatic experiencing and nervous system health, IFS was the missing piece that helped my whole system learn how to move into balance. I wanted to develop emotional and psychological resilience – to expand my capacity to handle what life required of me (which often felt overwhelming). Having sceptical parts meant that I had to experience IFS for myself to really understand how it facilitates a more peaceful, Self-led existence.

Awareness of the body is critical for healing, but not easy for a traumatised system. There’s a good reason why many of us live only ‘up in our heads’. We can slowly and lovingly come back into connection with our body as we learn how to track the perspective of our parts. Tuning into their sensations opens up a whole inner world of communication. And our parts love the conversation! There is a rich wisdom that they all hold for us – we just need to get still, go inside, and ask.

What I love most about IFS is the way it organically supports me to live from a place of radical honesty, greater Self-trust and deep respect for all my parts. There is no agenda, no timeline, no pathologising labels; only the intention to witness and heal.

Fleur lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband and three children. Her best days involve single-origin coffee, connecting with her kids (while they’re still young enough to think she’s the bee’s knees), and guiding clients through their own IFS journeys.

Islena Faircrest

Islena Faircrest is an IFS inspired trauma informed transformational coach, somatic practitioner, and 21 year Yoga and wellness educator–serving individuals and families in their healing journeys towards empowered living. A mother of two young adults and a former doula and prenatal educator, she facilitates the healing power of learning how to create secure attachments in relationships.

Since 2000 she has therapeutically guided people of all ages, taught Yoga teacher trainings and retreats in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Costa Rica, and written for health content media. As a somatic bodyworker she’s utilized an intuitive blend of systems rebalancing, myofascial release, Bowen Bodywork Therapy, energy retrieval, and cognitive therapy.

To work with Islena, contact her at onboardyoga@gmail.com

Here is the Zoom Invitation for the Wednesday Session

Days: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month

Time: 5:00 PM to 6:30 PST and PDT

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 975 6076 9998
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Meeting ID: 975 6076 9998
Find your local number: https://us06web.zoom.us/u/kA7IXi0eQ

Here is the Zoom Invitation for the Sunday Session

Days: First and Third Sundays of the month.
Time: 9:00 AM to 10:30 PST and PDT

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Meeting ID: 967 7308 6386
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Dial by your location
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+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 967 7308 6386
Find your local number: https://us06web.zoom.us/u/kbgPsqj5kN

What you can expect

This group welcomes people who are new to the IFS model as well as those who have been building relationships with their parts for years.

We meet for 90 minutes via Zoom video conferencing. We are committed to starting and ending on time. If you sign in a minute or two late, you are likely to join us during the meditation.

One of the group facilitators will guide us in a Parts Check-in meditation.

After the meditation, you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself, let us know where in the world you live, and speak for one of your parts. This is completely optional but many of our participants really enjoy this part of the session.

We will then shift to a demonstration of working with parts. If you haven’t purchased your own copy of the Self-Therapy Workbook by Bonnie Weiss yet (recommended), here is a link to the workbook available on the author’s website. You can also find the workbook on Amazon and in many bookstores.

From time to time we may practice other exercises not found in the Self-Therapy workbook.

After the demonstration, we usually go into breakout rooms where participants can practice the exercise in a triad. After breakout rooms, we will gather again in the main room for further discussion. Occasionally, when we reach a point in the workbook where there is a lot of reading, we form smaller discussion groups.

You can find what we will be discussing or practicing by joining our private Facebook group and checking the Events section. Join that group by clicking this link. Be sure to answer all the membership questions and agree to the group rules.

Before joining us for the first time, please read Chapter 1 of the Self-Therapy Workbook which you can access at: https://billtierneycoaching.com/stw_intro_ch1/ with the permission of author, Bonnie Weiss.


Questions for your Parts

If you are doing Internal Family Systems parts work on your own, use the Parts Notes for Protectors  and Parts Notes for Exiles questions..

Go to the Coaching Toolbox to access these downloads


What is the Self-Led Project?

A group program using IFS designed for personal development. Click to learn more.

Need more practice with your parts?

A sliding fee group experience to learn more about your parts