IFS-Trained Practitioners Helping You Practice the IFS Model

What is Parts Work Practice?

Parts Work Practice is a group I started at the end of 2020. I had been using The Work of Byron Katie in a no-cost group for the previous seven years. But the more I learned about IFS, the harder it was to limit myself to The Work. So, I started blending the two modalities until I realized that the greatest impact came from doing parts work. “Doing parts work” means looking inside with curiosity about our subpersonalities and the roles they play in our lives. By doing this, we gradually bring more inner harmony and balance which manifests in our relationships and every other area of our lives.

After I completed Level 1 training with the IFS Institute, I started using the Self-Therapy workbook by Bonnie Weiss and invited those who I had been working with in the previous group to join me. We began as a small group of individuals who had two things in common – recovery from addiction and an obsessive interest in reducing our suffering. Our group doesn’t focus on addiction particularly. But for those who are in recovery, we have found that IFS works very well to support personal development including addiction recovery and emotional sobriety.

The group grew quickly so I enlisted the help of two Internal Family Systems trained practitioners. We all put the word out to fellow IFS model students as well as those we thought might benefit from our practice group. Now we are joined regularly on Zoom by people from all over the world and have several additional volunteers who help manage the group.

Our purpose is to help participants learn how to use the IFS model on their own or with practice partners. Unlike most therapy models, IFS is accessible to everyone who takes the time to learn it and apply it. However, there are aspects of the model which we believe should be facilitated by a trained professional. So, for help facilitating a session with your internal family and when it comes time to unburden exiles, we recommend that you secure the support of an IFS trained therapist or practitioner.

In this group, we demonstrate how to use the IFS model when you are alone and want to get to know your parts. We will also demonstrate how to work with a practice partner. We recommend that you consider finding someone to practice the model with if you aren’t working with an IFS trained therapist or practitioner.

Please assess your own needs and expectations as you come into each session. During Parts Work Practice, you can expect:

    • to learn more about how to work with your own internal family system,
    • to be joined by a group of IFS enthusiasts as we practice and discuss the IFS model

During Parts Work Practice, you should not expect:

    • to be told what to do
    • to use the group as therapy or crisis management

If you are in need of IFS sessions, please go to IFS-Institute.com for a list of IFS trained therapists and practitioners. Participants who attempt to use Parts Work Practice sessions for therapy or crisis management may be asked to leave the meeting.

What we are not

If you are thinking of joining us, its important to understand that Internal Family Systems™ and IFS™ are trademarks of the IFS Institute (https://IFS-Institute.com). Parts Work Practice is neither approved nor endorsed by the IFS Institute. On this webpage and website, there are numerous references to Internal Family Systems and IFS. All content that you find here has been written by Bill Tierney and may not always represent the views or policies of the IFS Institute. Bill Tierney Coaching and Parts Work Practice are not intended as training for the IFS model. For all IFS endorsed training, please go https://IFS-Institute.com.

This group is not meant to replace the support of a licensed mental health professional. Internal Family Systems is a therapy model that can be used by individuals for personal development with or without the help of a trained IFS therapist or practitioner. It is the opinion of the facilitators of Parts Work Practice that some aspects of the IFS model should not be attempted without the help of someone trained by the IFS Institute. In this group, we will help you discover and learn about your exiled parts but we will not facilitate or attempt to help you learn how to unburden them.

Meet the Co-Leaders

Bill Tierney

Certified IFS Practitioner and Personal Development Coach

My purpose as a personal development coach and IFS Practitioner is to help others awaken to their true nature. I believe that who we are and who have always been becomes concealed behind layers of false beliefs and trapped feelings. We draw erroneous conclusions about the painful and scary events of life and become too frightened to allow ourselves to release our hurt and terror. We hide who we really are for our own safety and go about constructing a more acceptable version of ourselves.

We reason that we are imperfect, unlovable, damaged, and not enough. We spend our lives working hard to make up for our perceived shortcomings and faults. Scrambling to be good enough. Hungry for the breadcrumbs of love, acceptance, and the approval of others.

In the soft and safe moments of life, in times of unshielded joy, in peak experiences in the zone, we get an occasional glimpse of who we really are and of the perfection of our existence. But for some of us, those times are rare and fleeting. We have become lost and are afraid to admit to our confusion and fear.

I have discovered a path back to myself. I am waking up. Remembering who I am requires a persistent commitment to use my troubles to reveal the truth. I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery. You are not alone on this path. There are many others who are learning to turn their focus inward one upset, one disappointment, one hurt at a time.

You can count on life to offer plenty of opportunities to emerge from exile. The first step is to use the disempowering events of your life to change your perspective. Despite appearances, the circumstances of your life are not responsible for how you feel, how you react, and the consequences of those reactions. Your view of these circumstances determines your experience.

Changing your perspective will require you to turn your gaze inward. Rather than focusing externally on the apparent cause of your experience, you can form the habit of internal observation and management. I use the Work of Byron Katie (www.TheWork.com), Internal Family Systems (www.IFS-Institute.com), and many original innovative mindset tools to help my clients on their journeys to True Self.

I live in Liberty Lake Washington with my wife Kathy. I have lived in the Northwest since 1970 and have been in the Personal Development Coaching Business since 2011. I had my first IFS therapy session in 2016 and began training as an IFS practitioner in 2018. Together, Kathy and I have 6 children and 12 grandchildren.

Bill Tierney, Cerfied IFS Practitioner and Personal Development Coach

To work with Bill, contact him in one of the following ways.

Phone 509-230-5152

Email  Bill@BillTierneyCoaching.com

Emily Kerpelman

Certified IFS Practitioner and Certified Personal Development Coach 

Hi, I’m Emily! I’m a new mom, a trained IFS practitioner, a certified personal development coach, and an adventure enthusiast. Through my experience as a human, an IFS client, and as a coach, I’ve learned a few universal truths:

  • When we are young, we learn it is not safe to be our whole selves. We experience shame, develop painful beliefs, and then create internal strategies to protect ourselves. We show up how we think we’re supposed to show up, and only let others see what we have been taught are the acceptable parts of us.
  • Understanding our internal drives is the first and most crucial step toward freedom. We tend to experience our behaviors, thoughts, and impulses at surface level, as they move through our minds and bodies at blinding speed. Slowing down and paying attention through the lenses of compassion and curiosity can help us to uncover our best selves. 
  • When it comes to our own behavior, we often don’t realize we have a choice. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can develop tools to weather the storm with more ease and happiness. When it comes to how we react to the world around us, we always have the power of choice.
  • When we’re all just doing our best to survive, we don’t realize that thriving is actually an option. And I’ve got some really good news: IT IS!!! We really can safely show up whole to our lives, and be true to who we are!

I would be honored to partner with you on your journey to wholeness. I’m ready to hold the space you need free of judgment, because when someone did that for me, it changed my life. 

Emily has been an active and trained IFS practitioner and certified personal development coach since 2018. She lives with her husband, her baby boy, and 2 silly pups.

To work with Emily, contact her in one of the following ways.

Email  emily@ek.coach

Website  ek.coach

Alison Dyer

Certified IFS Practitioner

My passion for helping others comes from my own journey towards wholeness and healing. I draw from my own extensive experiences of healing from trauma to assist others. When we are traumatized we learn to hide. We hide from ourselves and we hide from others. We develop elaborate coping mechanisms that enable us to move through life without really living life.

IFS has taught me that I don’t have to hide. My coping strategies, while brilliant, prevented me from showing up for myself and to others in a way that was authentic. With the help of others I learned to  became my own internal explorer and brought along curiosity and a desire to connect with myself in what continues to this day as a grand adventure.

I believe that all of us can become our own internal explorers. I would love to explore your inner world with you in a space that is safe. I bring curiosity and a deep respect for those parts of us who work so hard to keep us safe but are often times tired and when given the opportunity are willing to let go of beliefs that no longer serve.

Alison has taken IFS level 1,2 and 3 training courses and is a Certified IFS practitioner. She has also served as a program assistant in an IFS level 1 training. She has been trained in Pilate’s Movement Principles and 3D anatomy through Balanced Body. She lives in Colbert, WA. She is married with two adult sons and is a grandma!


To work with Alison, contact her in one of the following ways.

Email: alisonmdyer4@gmail.com

Phone: 509-863-8983

Here is the Zoom Invitation for the Wednesday Session

Topic: Wednesday Parts Work Practice
Time: 5:00 PM to 6:30 PST and PDT

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Here is the Zoom Invitation for the Sunday Session

Topic: Sunday Parts Work Practice
Time: 9:00 AM to 10:30 PST and PDT

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Meeting ID: 967 7308 6386
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What you can expect

We meet for 90 minutes via Zoom video conferencing.

One of the group facilitators will guide us in a Parts Check-in meditation. We will then shift to a demonstration of working with parts. If you haven’t purchased your own copy of the workbook yet (recommended), here is a link to the exercises in the workbook available on the author’s website.  https://personal-growth-programs.com/self-therapy-workbook-bonnie-weiss/  or at most bookstores. It is our intention to continue to use this workbook until spring of 2022 before switching to another IFS-based resource. From time to time we may practice other exercises not found in the workbook.

We usually go into Breakout rooms where participants can either practice with a partner or participate in a group discussion. After breakout rooms, we will gather again in the main room for further discussion.


Before joining us for the first time, please read Chapter 1 of the Self-Therapy Workbook which you can access at:
https://billtierneycoaching.com/stw_intro_ch1/ with the permission of author, Bonnie Weiss.

Questions for your Parts

If you are doing Internal Family Systems parts work on your own, use the Parts Notes for Protectors  and Parts Notes for Exiles questions..

Go to the Coaching Toolbox to access these downloads


What is the Self-Led Project?

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