Parts Work Practice

IFS Practitioners Educating and Demonstrating the IFS Model

Our Purpose 

We introduce people to a self-healing journey using The Internal Family Systems model (IFS). This is not a therapy group nor is it a 12-step group. In this no-cost educational group, we discuss and demonstrate the teachings and exercises of the Self-Therapy Workbook by Bonnie Weiss. Our aim is to assist participants in the understanding and practice of the IFS model. Each week participants read portions of the workbook and/or practice the exercises between sessions.

Parts Work Practice Disclosure

As coaches we help participants practice being with their parts, learn to connect with those parts, become aware of and work with their parts by using the Internal Family Systems model. This group is not meant to take the place of support from a licensed counselor for mental health issues. You are free at any time to decline invitations or offers to work with your parts during this group session. By participating in this group, you agree to take full responsibility for your experience.

Meet the Co-Leaders

Bill Tierney

IFS Trained Personal Development Coach

My purpose as a personal development coach is to help others awaken to their true nature. I believe that who we are and who have always been becomes concealed behind layers of false beliefs and trapped feelings. We draw erroneous conclusions about the painful and scary events of life and become too frightened to allow ourselves to release our hurt and terror.

We hide who we really are for our own safety and go about constructing a more acceptable version of ourselves.

We reason that we are imperfect, unlovable, damaged, and not enough. We spend our lives working hard to make up for our perceived shortcomings and faults. Scrambling to be good enough. Hungry for the breadcrumbs of love, acceptance, and the approval of others.

In the soft and safe moments of life, in times of unshielded joy, in peak experiences in the zone, we get an occasional glimpse of who we really are and of the perfection of our existence.

But for some of us, those times are rare and fleeting. We have become lost and are afraid to admit to our confusion and fear.

I have discovered a path back to myself. I am waking up. Remembering who I am requires a persistent commitment to use my troubles to reveal the truth.

I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery.

You are not alone on this path. There are many others who are learning to turn their focus inward one upset, one disappointment, one hurt at a time.

You can count on life to offer you plenty of opportunities to emerge from exile. The first step is to use the disempowering events of your life to change your perspective. Despite appearances, the circumstances of your life are not responsible for how you feel, how you react, and the consequences of those reactions. Your view of these circumstances determines your experience.

Changing your perspective will require you to turn your gaze inward. Rather than focusing externally on the apparent cause of your experience, you can form the habit of internal observation and management.

I use the Work of Byron Katie (, Internal Family Systems (, and many original innovative mindset tools to help my clients on their journeys to True Self.

Bill Tierney, IFS Influenced Personal Development Coach

Bill lives in Liberty Lake Washington with his wife Kathy. He has lived in the Northwest since 1970 and has been in the Personal Development Coaching Business since 2011. Together, Bill and Kathy have 6 children and 12 grandchildren.


To work with Bill, contact him in one of the following ways.

Phone 509-230-5152


Emily Kerpelman

IFS Practitioner and Certified Personal Development Coach 

Hi, I’m Emily! I’m a new mom, a trained IFS practitioner, a certified personal development coach, and an adventure enthusiast. Through my experience as a human, an IFS client, and as a coach, I’ve learned a few universal truths:

  • When we are young, we learn it is not safe to be our whole selves. We experience shame, develop painful beliefs, and then create internal strategies to protect ourselves. We show up how we think we’re supposed to show up, and only let others see what we have been taught are the acceptable parts of us.
  • Understanding our internal drives is the first and most crucial step toward freedom. We tend to experience our behaviors, thoughts, and impulses at surface level, as they move through our minds and bodies at blinding speed. Slowing down and paying attention through the lenses of compassion and curiosity can help us to uncover our best selves. 
  • When it comes to our own behavior, we often don’t realize we have a choice. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can develop tools to weather the storm with more ease and happiness. When it comes to how we react to the world around us, we always have the power of choice.
  • When we’re all just doing our best to survive, we don’t realize that thriving is actually an option. And I’ve got some really good news: IT IS!!! We really can safely show up whole to our lives, and be true to who we are!

I would be honored to partner with you on your journey to wholeness. I’m ready to hold the space you need free of judgment, because when someone did that for me, it changed my life. 

Emily has been an active and trained IFS practitioner and certified personal development coach since 2018. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, her baby boy, and 2 silly pups.

To work with Emily, contact her in one of the following ways.



Alison Dyer

My passion for helping others comes from my own journey towards wholeness and healing. I draw from my own extensive experiences of healing from trauma to assist others. When we are traumatized we learn to hide. We hide from ourselves and we hide from others. We develop elaborate coping mechanisms that enable us to move through life without really living life. 

IFS has taught me that I don’t have to hide. My coping strategies, while brilliant, prevented me from showing up for myself and to others in a way that was authentic. With the help of others I learned to  became my own internal explorer and brought along curiosity and a desire to connect with myself in what continues to this day as a grand adventure. 

I believe that all of us can become our own internal explorers. I would love to explore your inner world with you in a space that is safe. I bring curiosity and a deep respect for those parts of us who work so hard to keep us safe but are often times tired and when given the opportunity are willing to let go of beliefs that no longer serve. 

Alison has taken IFS level 1,2 and 3 training courses and is an active IFS practitioner. She will be a program assistant in a level 1 training in the spring.  She has also been trained in Pilate’s Movement Principles and 3D anatomy through Balanced Body. She lives in Colbert, WA.  She is married with two adult sons and is soon to become a grandma! 


To work with Alison, contact her in one of the following ways.


Phone: 509-863-8983

Teresa Napierala

My journey toward helping others heal from trauma and shame comes from my own experiences with spiritual and emotional healing.  My fundamental belief is that everything we need to walk through this life confidently and whole already exists within us. However, trauma and shame block us from trusting our inner wisdom. Once traumatized, we second guess or doubt our perceptions and live fearfully. We survive by abandoning who we truly are and discounting what we feel.


Internal Family Systems (IFS) helped me see what was really happening in my inner world. IFS taught me that the entire process of emotional and spiritual healing is a journey that begins internally. By using IFS I am able to experience a greater sense of clarity, confidence, and connection with my Self.


I work with women to help them begin their internal journey of emotional and spiritual healing using IFS. 


Teresa has 18 months of experiential mentorship with Bill Tierney, Personal Development Coach and IFS Practitioner. She leads a fulfilling life dividing her time between caring for her adult son with special needs and guiding others through their own recovery and emotional healing. She is experienced in Mindfulness Based Meditation, has studied Sound Healing and Essential Oils for Healing.  She lives in St Louis Missouri.    

To work with Teresa, contact her in one of the following ways.


Phone: 208-916-5210

Wednesday Session

What you can expect

We meet for 90 minutes via Zoom video conferencing. After brief introductions, newer members will go to a breakout room for 20-25 minutes for an orientation before returning to the main group to observe a demonstration of the Internal Family Systems model (IFS).

While new members are in their orientation, remaining participants will do a “parts check-in” until new members rejoin us.

Participants will then go to breakout rooms in smaller groups to discuss the demonstration as well as their experiences with last week’s home practices. Home practices are based on the workbook, “Self-Therapy” by Bonnie Weiss.

Breakout rooms will be populated with one facilitator and a small group of participants. Facilitators have completed at least one level of IFS-Institute ( training or equivalent.

Finally, all participants will meet again in the main Zoom room for Q&A and to discuss next week’s home practices.

If you are new, plan to take notes and write down all of your questions. If you decide to return the following week, bring your questions to the next session.

Before joining us, please read Chapter 1 of the Self-Therapy Workbook which you can access here with the permission of author, Bonnie Weiss.

If you decide to become a regular attender, we ask that you purchase your own copy of the Self Therapy Workbook by Bonnie Weiss. Available here  or at most bookstores.

Here is the Zoom invitation for our meeting.

Topic: Parts Work Practice Wednesday

Time: 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM PST Wednesday Evenings

Join Zoom Meeting:

Zoom Meeting ID 975 6076 9998

Sunday Session

What you can expect

The Sunday Parts Work Practice group differs from the Wednesday group. The Wednesday group  is for instruction and demonstration of the Internal Family Systems model. The Sunday group is for practice of the IFS model.

We meet for 90 minutes via Zoom video conferencing. After brief introductions, we will have a discussion to determine the focus of the practice for the day.  Our focus will be based on the workbook, Self-Therapy by Bonnie Weiss and will give participants an opportunity to practice the exercises that are introduced during the previous Wednesday session. It is not necessary to participate in both Wednesday and Sunday sessions but participants are welcome to do so.

Two of the group coleaders will demonstrate the exercise for up to 15 minutes before all participants will go to breakout rooms where one of the coleaders will facilitate the exercise with up to two participants. Facilitators have completed at least one level of IFS-Institute ( training or equivalent.

After 40 minutes in the breakout room, all participants will return to the main room for Q&A and processing before the session ends.

Participants should already have a basic understanding of IFS principles. If you don’t have any experience with Internal Family Systems, please visit the IFS website and before joining us, read Chapter 1 of the Self-Therapy Workbook which you can access here with the permission of author, Bonnie Weiss. People who are not already familiar with the Internal Family Systems model are welcome to observe for the first week and until they feel comfortable participating in the practices.

If you decide to become a regular attender, we ask that you purchase your own copy of the Self Therapy Workbook by Bonnie Weiss. Available at  or at most bookstores. We will use this workbook as a reference, and you may be asked to take on home practices from the workbook.

Here is the Zoom invitation for our meeting.

Topic: Parts Work Practice Sunday

Time: 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM PST Sunday mornings

Join Zoom Meeting:

Zoom Meeting ID 967 7308 6386