Bill Tierney

I help people find their true purpose using the IFS model
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What Runs Your Life? Suffering or Purpose?

I help people find their true purpose using the following principles.

  • The source of suffering is internal. The solution to suffering is also internal.
  • Suffering can be resolved when it is embraced rather than controllled.
  • You have the capacity, power and resources needed to stop suffering.
  • When suffering is resolved, true purpose is revealed.
  • Living our true purpose is our highest calling.


“Bill is an amazing life coach and helped me get through a very difficult time in my life and become a better person. He coached me through internal and external issues, and even helped me make my relationship better. I would recommend him to anyone who is questioning any aspect of their life.”


Patrick Stillman

Realtor, Carlson Home Group

As your coach, it is my job to help you get the results you want.

I’ve been coaching clients since 2011 and have been trained to help you:

  • Assess areas that you are currently dissatisfied with
  • Identify what is behind your dissatisfaction
  • Update and unburden the parts of you that are driving your life under the influence of the past
  • Practice internal leadership from your wise and resourced Self
  • Discover your purpose

As you progress, I will train you to:

  • Access your innate resources
  • Resolve your suffering when it shows up
  • Maintain the energy of the fully resourced Self
  • Stay out of the drama that the past creates for you in the present
  • Reclaim power and access internal resources to live on purpose

When you show up in life fully resourced and aware of your purpose, you will:

  • Have clarity about what you want
  • Close the gap between what is so and what is desired
  • Experience life with more flow and ease
  • Embrace the structure and accountability I can provide to support your progress

In our coaching relationship, you are in charge of what you want to achieve, and I am in charge of the process for achieving those objectives.

No Pressure Guide for Selecting a Personal Development Coach


I believe that the decision to hire a life coach should not be made under pressure or duress. The circumstances of your life have pushed you to consider asking for help. The process doesn’t need add any more pressure and trigger thoughts and feelings of mistrust.

I offer the following suggestions for a safe and pressure-free process as you consider your decision.

Take your time as you read through my website. I suggest that after reading this home page, you proceed next to:

  1.   My Values. This page describes the values and beliefs that inform my coaching approach.
  2.   My Approach. A description of what you can expect as one of my clients.
  3.   Common Questions.  Answers to common questions I hear from those who are thinking about getting a life coach.
  4.   Schedule a free, no pressure, no obligation 30-minute discovery session. During that session, we will each have the opportunity to begin to explore the fit. If we both agree that we would like to continue to explore the possibility of working together, I will offer you a complimentary 60-minute coaching session. This experience will give us both an opportunity to decide if a coaching relationship is a good idea.
  5.  Be sure to peruse the Personal Development Articles that I have written over the years to get a better feel for my philosophy and approach.
Four Coaching Sessions
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24 Coaching Sessions
Individual Coaching
$200 per session
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Couples Coaching
60-75 Minutes
$300 per session
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