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Discover your Power 

  • Discover the power to achieve what you haven’t yet achieved 

  • Discover the power to change what isn’t working

  • Discover the power to eliminate disempowering habits

  • Discover the power to overcome fears that stop you

  • Discover the power to break out of dysfunctional patterns

and learn how to tap into your personal power to start living the life you want.

As your coach, it is my job to help you get the results you want. I’ve been coaching clients since 2011 and have been trained to help you:

  • Assess areas that you are currently dissatisfied with
  • Gain clarity about what you want in those areas
  • Define the gap between what is so and what is desired
  • Explore the obstacles that get in the way of achieving your desired results
  • Identify and agree to an approach that will help you get what you want
  • Overcome your internal and automatic resistance to change
  • Create structure and accountability to support your progress
  • Continue to assess your progress and reset your objectives accordingly

In our coaching relationship, you are in charge of what you want to achieve, and I am in charge of the process for achieving those objectives.

You are the expert in knowing what you want and don’t want in life. I am an expert in helping you get what you want.

The IFS Advantage

There are plenty of great life coaches who can help you. But there are very few coaches who use the Internal Family Systems model (IFS)* to help you permanently resolve your inner resistance to having the life you want.

My training in the IFS model began in 2017. After completing two levels of training, I became a Certified IFS Practitioner in 2021. When I first learned about IFS in therapy, I could see the difference it could make in coaching.

Prior to using IFS in my coaching practice, I helped my clients address their internal resistance using a variety of mindset shifting tools and distinctions.

I knew that the difference between success and failure in coaching was directly related to how empowered the client felt. If a client didn’t believe they could achieve what they said they wanted, then no amount of coaching could help them.

Alternately, when I help a client believe they can achieve their objectives, their chances of success are dramatically improved.

To learn more about how I use the IFS model, go to this page.

What stops success are disempowering beliefs such as:

  • This is too hard
  • I am not capable of achieving this
  • I’m a fraud
  • It’s not safe to be successful
  • If I try and fail, it will hurt too much
  • I’m not worthy of success

If the disempowering beliefs that limit the fullness of your life can be examined and updated, success if possible.

IFS helps get to the source of disempowering beliefs. When I help my clients become consciously aware of the subpersonalities (or parts of themselves) that hold and enforce those beliefs, things begin to shift.

In most cases, disempowering beliefs started out as ideas which, at one time, offered the most logical and advantageous explanations available. But a belief is more like a theory than the truth. A belief is a thought that is accepted as the truth.

When a belief is disempowering, there is something about it that isn’t accurate.

A disempowering belief is an outdated idea.

If the beliefs behind resistance and self-sabotage can be challenged and updated, successful achievement of objectives is possible.

I have never found anything more effective than IFS to update beliefs.

Combining the ability to change unconscious beliefs using mindset tools and IFS with the structure and accountability of coaching will put you on the path to the life you want.


*Internal Family Systems and IFS are trademarks of the IFS Institute. For training information and educational media, visit IFS-Institute.com.

No Pressure Guide for Selecting a Personal Development Coach


I believe that the decision to hire a life coach should not be made under pressure or duress. The circumstances of your life have pushed you to consider asking for help. The process doesn’t need add any more pressure and trigger thoughts and feelings of mistrust.

I offer the following suggestions for a safe and pressure-free process as you consider your decision.

Take your time as you read through my website. I suggest that after reading this home page, you proceed next to:

  1.   My Values. This page describes the values and beliefs that inform my coaching approach.
  2.   My Approach. A description of what you can expect as one of my clients.
  3.   Common Questions.  Answers to common questions I hear from those who are thinking about getting a life coach.
  4.   Schedule a free, no pressure, no obligation 30-minute discovery session. During that session, we will each have the opportunity to begin to explore the fit. If we both agree that we would like to continue to explore the possibility of working together, I will offer you a complimentary 60-minute coaching session. This experience will give us both an opportunity to decide if a coaching relationship is a good idea.
  5.  Be sure to peruse the Personal Development Articles that I have written over the years to get a better feel for my philosophy and approach.

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