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Personal Development Coach

Helping You Discover

Your True Power

Recover Your True Self

Let’s start sorting out who you are and who you aren’t
How much of this is true for you?


  • You feel like a fraud
  • You are afraid to just be yourself
  • You are insecure in your love relationships
  • You’re worried that you aren’t enough
  • You feel overwhelmed much of the time
  • You seek validation, approval, and acceptance wherever you can find it
  • The job or relationship you’re in no longer satisfies you
  • You settle for a life that is as good as you believe you deserve

Are you spending too much energy and effort  trying to manage your internal reactions to external events?

Stop working so hard to be who you think you need to be, and

Reclaim Your Personal Power

If you are willing to do the work, 

I can help you find the power to have the life you want.

You Can Have The Life You Want

It’s not a fluke that I work with people like you.  I created the  list above from my life experience. I was raised in an oppressive religious family with violent alcoholic parents.  I became frightened of people and constantly feared criticism.  I learned to perform to survive in school and at work.  I lived an automatic life completely unaware of my own power and responsibility.


My own journey has provided a deep level of recovery from my addictions and trauma.  Now I work with clients who have had similar life challenges so they can move beyond enduring, tolerating and surviving to lives of clarity, purpose and joy.

Start with a free phone call or video conference.
All conversations are confidential.  The discovery session is free.  Let’s just see if we are a good fit.
Try on my coaching philosophy
If you want to keep talking, we will set up another free session to discuss my coaching philosophy.  If it makes sense to you, let’s keep talking.  If not, we may not be a good fit.
Make a commitment

You can’t expect things to change overnight.  It’s taken a lifetime to form the habits that create the results you’re getting. You will be asked to commit to at least 12 coaching sessions.

Do the work

Be prepared to do your work between coaching sessions.  As you discover who you really are, invest your time and energy in your own personal transformation.

Claim your Power!

 Learning to live with Power can be a surprising challenge.  But one you will happily take on.

About Me

I tried to create a sense of value and worth by working hard.  I tried to feel a part of the crowd by doing what the crowd did.  I felt like a fraud.

I used cannabis, nicotine, work and alcohol to cope with an unfulfilled life.  I was insecure and didn’t trust my wife to be faithful despite a total absence of evidence.  I almost drove her away with my strategies for preventing her from abandoning me.

When I thought she was about to take the kids and leave me, I stopped the cannabis and alcohol and began attending 12 step meetings.   Almost immediately, the 12 step social scene became my addiction with up to 3 meetings a day and meetings after the meetings.  She liked me better when I was drinking.

I stayed sober.  I didn’t drink.  And I was lost, confused, frightened, angry and upset most of the time.  I became even more insecure.  My wife died of a brain tumor when I was 7 years sober and left me with our two children, 8 and 9 years old.

Life was happening to me.  I remained abstinent during her illness and after her death but found another addiction to help put a cushion between me and my pain.  I found crazy, addictive, codependent relationships with half a dozen women – mostly in 12 step meetings over the next 2 years.  My two children had just lost their mom and were now watching me usher these strange women in and out of their lives.

I wanted abstinence and the steps to make it all better.  I worked the program to the best of my willingness and ability but continued to struggle and suffer.  Two years after my first wife died I married my second wife to interrupt the insane dramatic cycle of new relationships.

We had a daughter and built a house together.  Like the other women I had gotten involved with, my second wife was in and out of recovery for addiction.  We tried our best but only managed to make each other miserable for 8 ½ years before I ended the marriage.

Afraid that I may just resume my addiction to relationships, I committed to working on myself and stayed single for 13 years.  During that time, I discovered The Work of Byron Katie, Landmark Education, Life Coaching and Internal Family Systems Therapy.

In 2013 I remarried for the last time.  Thanks to the deep and lasting healing work that I had done to that point, I found someone who is as kind and sane as I had become.  We have been together since 2011 and enjoy a happy, healthy and authentic life together.

I began my coaching career in 2011 after hiring my first life coach, Carlos Jones.  Carlos told me how he had been trained to be a life coach and I followed his path by completing a one year life coach training program in 2016.

In 2019, with the support and urging of my therapist,  I was accepted into a one year training to become an Internal Family Systems Practitioner.  I completed Level 1 IFS training in June of 2020 and completed Level 2 the same year.  I am now in the process of becoming a Certified IFS Practitioner and can be found on the IFS website,

Not every coach is right for everyone.  Take a test drive first.

Your first session is risk free.  To see if we are a good fit, I offer a complimentary gift coaching session.  Find an hour that works for you.  Let’s see if my coaching can help you start living the life you want (even if you don’t yet know what you want).

If coaching could help you, how would you like your life to change? Send me a message.

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