For most of us, there is a big gap between what we really want in life and what we are settling for. Why do we do this? What kind of breakthrough would help you begin living the life that you really want?

Think of thoughts as the tip of the iceberg – the part that you can see. Think of beliefs as the rest of the iceberg below the surface of the water. What we believe could be thought of as our “best guess” to explain what has happened so that we know what to expect in life. That’s what beliefs are for. Beliefs to explain what is happening and to predict what is going to happen so that we can survive. But sometimes our best guess isn’t accurate.

The thoughts that we think; those that we can be easily aware of, come from our beliefs. Without external influence or conscious, intentional inquiry, we only think thoughts that support what we already believe to be true.

So, without intervention, we will just float in the same patterns that we have been repeating since the birth of our beliefs, usually before we were 10 years old. Scary! Without conscious effort, we are automatically following our mental habits.

Personal Development Coaching is not about getting better at getting by. We’ve all got survival figured out. In fact, the very habits that make it easy for us to handle just about anything that comes our way are the habits that prevent us from achieving success when taking on anything new and challenging.

So I help my clients to get very clear about what they want in life. Then I help them design goals, projects and plans to create that life. The thoughts that would usually stop my clients get challenged and removed. By shifting to an empowered mindset, my clients can then powerfully achieve lasting success.

Group members benefit from powerful support that helps them stay focused on what they want to create in their lives, careers and businesses.

What do you want for yourself and for your life?  Are you ready to create it?


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