What is the value of a reliable and loyal referral source?

When receiving a warm referral, you have an overwhelming advantage over the competition. Unless a business already has a sufficient demand for their services, it is crucial to develop relationships with others who refer new clients.

It’s good to have product knowledge, to be organized and to have competitive prices. It really helps to have just what your client is looking for. Having a team and company behind you to deliver your product or services smoothly and on time is a must.  However, none of this is as important as the company’s ability to connect and relate with their prospects and clients.

When there isn’t enough business, fear can set in.  If you are struggling to maintain business growth,  look no further than the mirror to turn things around.

I have found that others are happy to help me when they know that I care about them. This may sound obvious. But unless a person who has the potential to refer you knows that you care about them personally, they aren’t likely to do any business with you or to send you any business.

“People don’t care about what you want unless they know that you care about what they want.” Sarah Rushton

Sarah Rushton works in the home health care industry as an agency owner and consultant. Without a steady flow of quality referrals, home health care agencies fail. But her agencies succeed. As a consultant, she has been able to help agencies with horrendous reputations and track records to rise from the ashes to become leaders in the marketplace. How does she do it?

Sarah trains her sales staff to become relationship builders first so that they can become problem solvers and business partners with these potential referral sources later. She teaches her sales force to be patient with results while being relentless with their efforts to build relationships.

Be patient with results while being relentless with your efforts to build relationships.

In the first several contacts with a targeted referral source, the sales person engages only in discovery. Their mission is to discover all there is to know about the business and its people. Her sales professionals develop the ability to put the spotlight on the prospective referring business and the people in that business. Their mission is to discover what it is that the business is trying to accomplish, the challenges that are getting in the way, and what problems the owners and employees face.

What if you were to do the same? By shifting your focus from trying to convince others to help you by sending you referrals or to do business with you, what if you became interested in what they wanted? Rather than selling the prospect on why they should work with you, what would happen if you focused entirely on getting to know them and the challenges they face? What if you became interested in helping them to solve their problems?

The traditional sales approach assumes to know what the client and referral partners want from you and your business. Are you just like your competition?  Neither are your prospective clients and referral sources the same. As strategies go, this one will definitely set you apart.

What would happen if you set out to discover opportunities to serve your clients and referral sources and did so with integrity and sincerity?  By focusing on building relationships in this way, your interest in them would soon pay dividends.

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