The Self-Led Project is a group coaching program that uses the IFS model to help participants develop Self-Leadership.

The program uses exercises inspired by my personal experience over the past 20 years as well as my experience with the IFS model since 2016..

Thanks to the Internal Family Systems model, the last six of those 20 years has helped me integrate all my transformative experiences into a program that is designed to help participants take that journey in a much shorter period of time and for a lot less money!

I’ve lost track of how much money I’ve spent in therapy, weekend workshops, trainings, coaching, books, and online courses. But every dime of it was money well spent because it all added up to a life that I love. That truth stands in stark contrast to the life I had learned to settle for previously.

20 years ago, I was reeling from the end of my marriage. My life felt out of control because it was, in fact, out of my control. I had been sober for 20 years already at that point. My addictions landed me in 12-step programs in 1982. I believed that abstinence would make everything better. Not drinking or using other mind-altering drugs definitely helped – it stopped the bleeding. But healing and growth are not an automatic byproduct of sobriety. Sobriety is just the beginning. Staying sober put me in the waiting room for recovery.

I didn’t really start transforming until I found a method that worked for me to change from the inside out. Until I discovered The Work of Byron Katie in 2002, all my efforts had been directed at identifying and implementing strategies that were designed to work from the outside in.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy very quickly helped me understand myself more compassionately and made so much more sense! For example, I thought I was the thinker of my thoughts. Byron Katie helped me to see that I wasn’t. She helped me to realize I had been believing everything I thought and reacting to those thoughts as if they reflected reality. But if I wasn’t thinking these thoughts, where did they come from? IFS answers that question for me.

I now understand that the majority of my thoughts, the emotions associated with them, and much of what I experience on a physical and energetic level are influenced by parts.

Because of the healing work I have done in IFS, I have developed the ability to recognize when my parts are activated and exercise conscious choice about whether or not to react from their influence. This ability has been developed over time as I have gotten to know my parts and have met them with compassion and understanding.

And that is what I designed the Self-Led Project to do for you. This program walks you through your own personal development journey, one exercise at a time in a group experience. Each of the exercises help you understand how automatic your reactions to life have been, why you think, feel, and react the way you do, and how to permanently change your experience of life.

The Self-Led Project is a 9-month program. At the end of the third and final module, you will know who you are and who you are not, develop compassionate regard for yourself, improve communication in all your relationships, have a more harmonized and balanced inner life, and will be well skilled in the art of Self-Leadership.

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