True Self Leadership

Group Coaching Inspired by Internal Family Systems


Improve your Confidence and Effectiveness by learning to follow your own Wisdom


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Who is True Self Leadership for?


You’re high functioning.
You show up for work or to run your business.


For everyone who is watching, you’re in a great relationship.
You’re a good provider.
You do all the right things.
You keep up appearances so hardly anyone knows that you are struggling.
But you are struggling with one or more of the following:
  • you don’t trust yourself and have trouble trusting others
  • you are unable to be honest and authentic in relationships
  • your business has stalled and you know what you need to do but can’t get yourself to do it
  • you have feelings of jealousy and envy when you see others who have what you want
  • you have a lack of confidence at work
  • you hate your job or business but are unwilling to take the risk of finding a new one
  • you hate your relationship but you stay in it because you don’t want to be alone
  • you don’t love yourself and are constantly searching for love from others
  • you are working too many hours
  • you feel guilty about how you are showing up as a parent and/or spouse
  • you use a person, behavior or drug to manage your emotions
  • you struggle to develop friendships
  • you haven’t been able to achieve business success
  • you find it practically impossible to enjoy the present moment


How does True Self Leadership work?

Occasionally we get a brilliant glimpse of who we really are.

But, most of the time we are operating as

who we have learned to be,

who we think we need to be, or

who we think others expect us to be.

When leading our lives as our True Selves, we have access to qualities and abilities that help us to meet life’s challenges with grace, to achieve the seemingly impossible, and to access innate wisdom and joy.  As our True Selves, we can access inner resources that are otherwise unavailable to us.

In the True Self Leadership Group Coaching Program, inspired by the Internal Family Systems Therapy model, you will distinguish who you really are from the ways of being that interfere with the Power of Authenticity.  This process creates space and authority for you to become the internal and external leader of your life.

During this program, you will work in a group of up to 9 others to renegotiate the internal agreements that block your progress and growth.  This process recovers access to the Power of your True Self.

Learn to…

Trust yourself and others

Be honest and authentic in relationships

Take the actions to grow your business

Stop comparing and competing

Gain confidence in yourself

Know what to do and when to do it

Attract loving, healthy and workable relationships

Practice self care

Grow into the parent and/or spouse you wish to be

Become emotionally intelligent

Develop rewarding relationships

Discover what is important to you

Be present.

Groups of up to 6 participants meet in person or via Zoom Video Conferencing. 

Groups meet 12 times over a 3-month period.

The program cost is $995.  Paymnent options are available.