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Inspired by Internal Family Systems


Improve your Confidence and Effectiveness by learning to follow your own Wisdom


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What is True Self Leadership?

In his book, Internal Family Systems (second edition), Richard Schwartz writes,

“We come fully equipped to lead harmonious internal and external lives.  From this basic premise, it follows that people have chronic problems because their inner resources and wisdom are not being fully accessed.  Elements of the systems in which we are embedded or that are embedded within us often constrain our access to our inner resources.” 

Internal Family Systems Therapy, Second Edition, Page 26

The True Self Leadership Coaching Program is designed to help you recognize and release those restraints.

By doing so, you will gain access to “inner resources and wisdom” that are otherwise unavailable.  This not only resolves the chronic problems that Dr. Schwartz refers to.  It also enables you interact with the world as your true, authentic self, free of restraint.

My approach has always been to help my clients by dealing with the source of their suffering and their resistance to having the lives that they want. I use an inside-out approach that provides a sustainable solution.  IFS works very well with my coaching philosophy.  Rather than acting as an expert in their lives and businesses, I help my clients discover the true source of guidance for their lives; themselves.

Dr. Schwartz and I both believe that we were all born as who we really are, our True Self.

“From birth, this Self has all the necessary qualities of good leadership, including compassion, perspective, curiosity, acceptance and confidence.”  

Internal Family Systems Therapy, Second Edition, Page 38.


This is the purest version of ourselves.  This is who we are.  The innocence of a newborn baby that still exists in every one of us.

At some point, probably very early on, we experienced the terrifying feeling of powerlessness.  This was accompanied by a sense of hopelessness.  The feeling was unbearable.  To cope with this terror, we seized control by seeing ourselves as the cause of these feelings.  We blamed ourselves for this powerless hopelessness and tried to become better, more and enough to avert the crisis.  Seeing ourselves as less than perfect and whole serves us in two ways.  It enables us to suppress the terror of powerlessness and it pushes us to improve.

The moment we saw ourselves as less than perfect, whole and complete, a new identity was born: the Shame Self. And in that same moment a protective role was created to hide the Shame Self from the world.  I call that protective layer the False Self.   As we developed strategies to overcome the desperate state of powerlessness, we lost awareness of our True Nature while our identification as the Shame and False Selves grew.  Eventually, we forgot who we really are.  We came to identify as what we decided was wrong with us while trying to influence others to see us as who we try so hard to be.

Seeing ourselves as less than whole, perfect and complete both saved us from our pain and separated us from the pure joy of our True Nature.  Reclaiming access to our True Self is the goal of this coaching.  Remembering who we are enables us to access the inner resources of wisdom, courage, clarity, intuition and inspiration.  From our spiritual center, we can know and live our True Purpose.


Learn to…

Trust yourself and others

Be honest and authentic in relationships

Take the actions to grow your business

Stop comparing and competing

Gain confidence in yourself

Know what to do and when to do it

Attract loving, healthy and workable relationships

Practice self care

Grow into the parent and/or spouse you wish to be

Become emotionally intelligent

Develop rewarding relationships

Discover what is important to you

Be present.

I consider myself a high functioning person; good job, great friends. But escalating drinking began causing embarrassing incidents at work and home I never dreamed I was capable of – I horrified myself. I abused alcohol, secretly, every night, alone. I didn’t know why, or how to stop.

How could I know that making that first appointment with Bill Tierney would rock my entire heart, mind and soul?  Sessions with Bill, using Internal Family Systems (IFS) gave me a meaningful way to understand and heal. Today, I no longer want alcohol in my life and I continually surprise myself with self-love.

Guidance from Bill is warm, funny, gracious and wise. I am grateful beyond words for our work together.

I’ve learned how old wounds manage to live inside me and how to reinvent the experience in such a way that gives me profound insight and peace.  No more “whine / wine” for me. IFS, through Bill, gave me access to the joy of who I am. Priceless.

Our sessions transform me every single time. How do you say ‘thank you’ for that?

Lori Decicio, Spokane, WA

Lori Decicio

How does True Self Leadership work?

Occasionally we get a brilliant glimpse of who we really are.

But, most of the time we are operating as

who we have learned to be,

who we think we need to be, or

who we think others expect us to be.

When leading our lives as our True Selves, we have access to qualities and abilities that help us to meet life’s challenges with grace, to achieve the seemingly impossible, and to access innate wisdom and joy.  As our True Selves, we can access inner resources that are otherwise unavailable to us.

In the True Self Leadership Group Coaching Program, inspired by the Internal Family Systems Therapy model, you will distinguish who you really are from the ways of being that interfere with the Power of Authenticity.  This process creates space and authority for you to become the internal and external leader of your life.

During this program, you will work in a group of up to 5 others to renegotiate the internal agreements that block your progress and growth.  This process recovers access to the Power of your True Self.