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Job and Income loss

If you’re scared, that makes sense.

Will you respond to your fear with hatred and blame?

Or with love and compassion?

Our automatic lives are no longer humming along and providing the distraction we’ve come to rely upon.

Now that everything has changed, we are faced with new experiences and new challenges.

Change can be scary.

Some of us have had this pandemic hit close to home.

Sickness and death are very real possibilities.  Depending on where you live in the world, it may seem more or less real to you.

Many of us are also facing financial instability, job loss, business closure and dramatic drops in stock and other investment values.

The kids are at home all day.  If you’re a working parent, you are now responsible for doing your job at the same time that you parent – educate, feed, discipline, and care for your kids.  That’s a lot to put on your plate.

Relationships that are usually workable are being stressed due to the pressure brought on by social isolation.  There are those that just need someone to hug.  And others who just need some space.

And, worse of all, there are those battling the virus or whose loved ones are infected or have lost the battle.

And while all of this is happening, the mixed messages of the government and media makes it hard to find reassurance and leadership.  Who can you trust?

This is the perfect storm.  If you’re not experiencing fear, you are in a tiny minority.

You may be experiencing fear but unaware of it.  Your fear may be showing up as irritability, frustration, anxiety or depression.

If you watch the news or have a Facebook account, you’ve seen the full spectrum of opinions and reactions to the loss of normal and the fear of what might be.

Those reactions range from blame and rage to love and compassion.

If you’re scared, that makes sense.

Are you responding to your fear with hatred and blame?

Or with love and compassion?

If you’re feeling stuck in anger and blame, anxiety or depression, please ask for help.  Who can you call?

And if you’ve managed to respond with love and compassion, who could use your help?

The most helpful thing anyone of us can do to support each other is to reach out, connect and listen without advice or judgment.


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