You’ve been able to lift me up to 30,000 feet so that I could more clearly see what was important, remove the emotion and make good choices. I don’t think that I’d be where I am without your help.  Your methods helped me breakdown some self defeating beliefs and caused me to shift my point of view on my limitations. This opened up some amazing opportunities.

Joe Conrad, CMPS  Retirement Mortgage Planner and Founder of the Silver Circle Network

I participated in Breakthrough Success Club’s Group coaching and Masters program in 2018. I had a couple of 1 on 1 sessions with coach Bill Tierney  and he came and conducted a 1 hour session with our team at The Grounds Guys Of Spokane. The tools, process and group accountability create an environment of tremendous personal growth. You don’t need to be local in Spokane for coaching so I encourage anyone looking to take their personal performance to another level to participate in a session with Bill. You’ll be glad you did. #defeataverage

– Kenny Smith, Owner of The Grounds Guys Spokane

Your coaching showed me I could change my mind.  I could challenge my thinking.  I am empowered, I have the power to make choices.  Being in a group allowed me to see through their eyes things I couldn’t see for myself.  By participation in group coaching, I related to others in the group who were also blinded by their limiting beliefs.  As I started seeing through their beliefs, I could see through mine.

Carly Cloer, Spokane Washington

Steffanie AndersonI have worked with Bill for over one year now, the shifts that have occurred in myself as a Business Owner and as a person are real & incredible. Yes, my business is doing better and running smoother but that is just part of it, I have much more time in my life for what is truly important to me. I am learning to drop the 500-pound bag of the past that I carried to each and every current day experience and that is wonderful. Thank you, Bill for your help in this journey we call life!

– Steffanie Anderson, Owner Business Cents

Dr. Sam NelsonBreakthrough Success Club has helped me be more aware in the present moment as well as prioritizing my daily tasks. I’ve learned a lot from the other group members about being efficient. Can’t wait for the rest of the program to see what else I can learn.

– Dr. Sam Nelson, Owner Proactive Health Chiropractic

Greg PeachBreakthrough Success Club has been an amazing experience. The accountability to not only myself, but others in the group has been a big help. I am starting to see the changes in how I perceive things and interact with others. I can’t get enough of this.

– Greg Peach, Owner Pro Vision Academy

Connor CraigI can’t say enough good things about Breakthrough Success Club. It is challenging me and changing the way I’ve thought for years. I am so grateful for it and very excited to see what is next. I also really enjoy the coaching and hearing the thoughts and perspectives of other group members. I truly look forward to every meeting. Stay empowered!!

– Connor Craig, Owner Wildfire Home Protection

Breakthrough success is a fantastic program.  I had an incredible experience being personally coached by Bill Tierney the last 12 months!!!!  Check it out.

– Ryan Sawyer, Owner Sawyers Painting


Hollie SmithPrior to coaching, Bill was my accountability partner in my real estate business, and was amazing in detecting my thoughts and reasons for drifting from the action items that were important to me in achieving my weekly, monthly and yearly goals. He helped me visualize where I wanted my business and life to be in 10 years, then systematically work backwards to identify specific action items to achieve those goals. If your business/life goals are not where you want them to be, I highly recommend reaching out to Bill for some guidance!

– Hollie Smith, Realtor Windermere Manito

I was doing well in my life and career but wanted to take my life to a higher level both personally and professionally.   When I started Success Club, my main goal was to have a much better balance between work and my personal life…Life is already far more balanced and I feel great about the outlook for my future.

– Aaron Reilly, Real Estate Manager and Mortgage Originator at Mountain West Bank


Carrie MagruderYou have helped me navigate through one of the most difficult years in business and I’m so grateful to have you in my life, as my coach and as my friend!
With lots of gratitude,

– Carrie Magruder, Owner of the Brickhouse Massage

Chad ClevelandI highly recommend any business person that wants to improve their success meet with Bill for a free consultation.  He works with business people of all types; business people in general, commission sales people, small business owners, and corporate executives.

– Chad Cleveland, President Effortless IQ


I want to thank you for everything that you do, the time you commit, and the space from which you coach. I never thought the business meeting I had this afternoon could ever go as well as it did, and honestly before coaching with you I probably would have told them no thanks. Now I truly believe anything is possible. Thank you so much for helping me get to this side of the “meter.” YOU ROCK

– Charlene Honcik, Owner of Badass Backyard Brewing

Cheryl HartzogSince I started working with Bill I have increased my closed sales and have dramatically gained confidence in doing my job & handling difficult situations.  I would recommend Success Club to someone who would like insight & clarity about their life, either in business or in their personal life.  I feel that there isn’t any area of business that would not benefit from Success Club!!!

– Cheryl Hartzog, Real Estate Broker with RC Schwartz


Chris OlneyI think the key to my success has been having someone who cared enough about my success that he was willing to ask me the hard questions in life and business that most of us fail to ask ourselves and then holding me accountable to do the things that I said I was going to do.

– Chris Olney, Real Estate Broker with Coldwell Banker

John KapelacBill really helped me identify what internal “stops” I had that was getting in my way. We came up with a plan to eliminate these roadblocks and I truly felt we accomplished a number of my goals I had and some I didn’t know I had, along with learning a lot more about myself. I enjoyed the group setting immensely, and I also liked coaching with Bill one-to-one. His coaching style really helped me think about life, business, success and relationships a whole other, exciting way! I would recommend everyone carve out at least one hour to sit with Bill and really have him show you what YOU are capable of… you will be surprised and amazed.

– John Kapelac, LUTCF, FSS Country Financial


Jolene FisherI decided to join one of Bill’s Breakthrough accomplishment Groups and start on this journey with 6 other people…Bill has a certain knack for bringing things out in you that you don’t hear yourself say or do.  He’s asks good questions and helps us discover for ourselves where we are stuck.  I was able to accomplish my 12 week goal ahead of time and saw this similar thing in most of my group…I would highly recommend Bill and his one on one or group coaching to anyone!

– Jolene Fisher, Lifestyle Coach No Bad Days

Rose O'DellWhat I loved best about working with Bill, is that he was not selfish with his time, or his energy. I believe he invested in me, because he believed in me. He saw my potential, and wanted me to succeed. He asked the right questions and inspired me to be courageous enough to get uncomfortable and grow.

– Rose O’Dell, Real Estate Broker with 4 Degrees Real Estate 

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