What is the Spokane IFS Collective?

Several times a month, a small group of coaches and therapists who I met in my Level 1 IFS training meet for mutual support and practice of the IFS model. Eventually we decided to record and share some of our conversations with you. If you are interested in learning more about how to use the IFS model, we hope you will find these videos helpful. It’s important to note that we do not represent the views or positions of IFS. We offer our recorded conversations to support you as you learn and practice the IFS model in your own personal development. To be trained in the IFS model, please go to https://ifs-institute.com/.


Internal Family Systems™ and IFS™ are trademarks of the IFS Institute (https://IFS-Institute.com). Spokane IFS Collective is neither approved nor endorsed by the IFS Institute. On this website, there are numerous references to Internal Family Systems and IFS. All content in this website has been written by Bill Tierney and does not represent the views or policies of the IFS Institute. Bill Tierney Coaching, Spokane IFS Collective, and Parts Work Practice are not intended as training for the IFS model. For all IFS endorsed training, please go https://IFS-Institute.com.

What is IFS?

Internal Family Systems (IFS)™​ is a therapy model that was created by Dr. Richard Schwartz. This model is evidence based and recognized as an efficient approach for healing and balancing internal processes.

IFS is used by therapists, coaches, teachers, employers, parents, couples, and individuals to heal past hurts, resolve internal and external conflict and enable compassionate communication. To learn more about IFS from Dr. Schwartz, watch this video.

Internal Family Systems is rapidly becoming recognized as the most powerful and effective therapy of our time because it unfailingly delivers what clients are seeking: permanent changes in the personality system resulting in less extreme thoughts, feelings and behaviors and a greater sense of peace and contentment.

I was introduced to IFS in 2016 as a therapy client. It was so helpful that I decided to learn how to use it to help my coaching clients. I completed Level 1 IFS Training in 2019 and learned how to use the model. I then completed Level 2, Deepening and Expanding. I am currently honored to be a Program Assistant for Level 1 which enables me to review my initial training while supporting other coaches and therapists as they learn how to use the model in their practices.

I continue to meet with an IFS therapist and exchange practice sessions with other coaches and therapists. The more I experience, learn about, and practice the IFS model, the greater results my clients and I get.

If you would like to experience an IFS session, go to my online calendar and find an hour that works for you. I offer the first session at no cost for those who are considering IFS influenced life coaching.


Parts Work Practice

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Lesson 10 Audio

by Spokane IFS Collective | Lesson 10 Healthy Relationships and Parts

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Lesson 9 Audio

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