The Self-Led Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the Self-Led Project for?

A: The Self-Led Project is for those on a path of personal transformation. The program uses the concepts of the Internal Family Systems model, but a working knowledge of the model is not required to participate. Newcomers to IFS will enjoy an introduction to the model that is both easy to digest and highly relatable for practically anyone. Those who are well practiced with the IFS model will learn how to more effectively apply the model to create the lives they want.

Q: What can I expect to happen in the Self-Led Project?

A:  You will be in a group of up to twelve participants. Sessions are live (not pre-recorded) and held on Zoom video conferencing. Participants receive a link that gives them access to a PDF of the program workbook. The group facilitator will support all group participants to complete one of the workbook exercises during each session. Group members are supported with discussion and coaching. Occasionally some of the work is done in smaller breakout rooms with other participants.

Q: How Long does it take to complete the Self-Led Project?

A: Nine months. The Self-Led Project is made up of three modules. Each module takes three months to complete.

Q: Is The Self-Led Project endorsed by or affiliated with the IFS Institute?

A: No, The Self-Led Project is a personal development program created independently by Bill Tierney, a Personal Development Coach and Certified IFS Practitioner. A copy of the Self-Led Project workbook was submitted to the IFS Institute and I have complied with their requests to acknowledge them as the creators and trainers of the IFS model.

Q: Is The Self-Led Project a training program for the IFS model?

A: No, it is a personal development training program designed to help clients live the lives they wish to live. There is, however a training aspect available to graduates of IFS-Institute Level 1 training or of the IFSCA Stepping Stones training program. Graduates of the Self-Led Project Facilitator Training Program are Certified SLP Facilitators and are authorized to start and facilitate their own Self-Led Project groups. For more details, click on this link.

Q: Where do groups meet?

A: We will meet online using Zoom Video Conferencing.

Q: How much work will I be expected to do?

A: Successful participation will require a commitment to do the work. Passive participation may yield intellectual understanding and an opportunity to enjoy some fascinating conversations and coaching. But participants will be expected to actively participate by doing the reading, self-research, and exercises described in the program workbook. We will do most of this work in sessions but participants often take on home practices to deepen insights and integration of the content.

Q: What commitments are required to participate?

A: I will ask all who wish to participate to make the following commitments.

  1. Plan to attend at least 80% of the group sessions including the first and last sessions.
  2. Notify me when you know you will be missing a session.
  3. Agree to confidentiality which will create safety for all participants.
  4. Complete, sign, date, and return a coaching agreement to me prior to our start date.
  5. Make program fee payments on time.

Q: What end result can I expect from participating?

A:  Active participants who keep these commitments can expect to experience an increase in personal power and choice. This will happen as your self-awareness grows. You will also gain access to personal qualities such as clarity, confidence, and effectiveness in your life.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: Group sessions are 90 minutes long.

Q: How often will the groups meet?

A: Groups will meet once a week with some breaks to complete 33 sessions over the course of 9 months.

Q: What days and times do groups meet?

A: Currently a group is forming that will meet on Tuesdays at 3:00 PM (Pacific). If you are interested in participating in a group but this time doesn’t work for you, please send me an email at Bill@BillTierneyCoaching.com. I will put you on an interest list and notify you when other group days and times open. Registration will close when we have 12 participants who have reserved a seat in the group. Until the group starting date, participants will meet twice a month for 90-minute sessions during which we will discuss and work through exercises designed to increase self-awareness and to establish connections with group members.

Q: What is the cost to participate in the Self-Led Project?

A: The cost for the 9-month program is $2500 when paid in full before Session #1 of Module #1. For those who wish to make payments, a $900 initial payment is required followed by six monthly payments of $300 (total program cost of $2700).

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Either email your questions to me at Bill@BillTierneyCoaching.com or go to www.BillsCalendar.com for a 15 minute consultation.


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