Self Love is the Key

Perception is determined by our thoughts and beliefs – the filters through which we view the circumstances of our lives.  Our bodies react to those thoughts and beliefs with chemical reactions that change the way we feel.  How we react to what we are feeling determines our impact on the world and on how we experience our present and future moments.

If you can shift your perception, you can achieve results that aren’t possible through your current lens.  And you don’t even have to change it much. What determines your perception are the “parts” of you that influence your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the circumstances of your life. By acknowledging and working with these internal influences,  your perception shifts. And so will your results.

Most people expend enormous effort trying to change unhappy circumstances. But trying to change external circumstances without a shift in perception produces limited and predictable results.  Keep viewing life as you always have and you will keep doing what you have always unconsciously and automatically done. Keep doing what you have always done, and you can expect to get what you have always gotten.  Different results require a different view.

What have you decided about yourself?

What are you afraid others might see if you let them?

What do you believe is true about you?

What do you do to make sure nobody ever see’s what you see when you look in the mirror?

Whatever you decided is true about you determines your view of the circumstances of your life. What you believe is true about you is quietly running your life. What you are afraid others might see if you let them determines the strategies you employ to hide. What happens inside when you look in the mirror can be a powerful clue to reclaiming the truth about who you are. Reclaiming the truth of who you really are is the goal of my coaching.

Because I believe that when you discover and begin to access your True Self, how you view yourself and the world around you will shift dramatically. And when that happens you can begin to have the life you are here to live.

Are you ready to discover your True Identity?

Start with the Self Love Evaluation.


What is IFS?

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a therapy model that was created by Dr. Richard Schwartz. This model is evidence based and recognized as an efficient approach for healing and balancing internal processes.

IFS is used by therapists, coaches, teachers, employers, parents, couples, and individuals to resolve conflict and enable compassionate communication.

I was introduced to IFS in 2016 as a therapy client. It was so helpful that I decided to learn how to use it to help my coaching clients. I completed Level 1 IFS Training in 2019 and learned how to use the model. I then completed Level 2, Deepening and Expanding. I am currently honored to be a Program Assistant for Level 1 which enables me to review my initial training while supporting other coaches and therapists as they learn how to use the model in their practices.

I continue to meet with an IFS therapist and exchange practice sessions with other coaches and therapists. The more I experience, learn about, and practice the IFS model, the greater results my clients and I get.

If you would like to experience an IFS session, go to my online calendar and find an hour that works for you. I offer the first session at no cost for those who are considering IFS influenced life coaching.

To view discussions between me and a group of IFS trained therapists and coaches, check out the Spokane IFS Collective page on my website.