Group Coaching Using IFS

As your coach in The Self-Led Project, I use the Internal Family Systems Model in a group setting to help you get the results you want. I’ve been coaching clients since 2011 and have helped 100’s of people discover the power to:

  • Achieve anything 

  • Change what isn’t working

  • Eliminate disempowering habits

  • Overcome fears that stop you

  • Break out of dysfunctional patterns

  • Improve unworkable relationships

  • And more

Working together in a group setting, instead of individually with a therapist or coach, allows you to learn from others, have a safe place to share and practice working with your parts and is more affordable than one-on-one coaching.

The next Self-Led Project group will be held on Tuesday afternoons and there are still a few spots left. For more information, book a 15 minute call with me here: https://billtierney.as.me/15Minutes


What if there was nothing to fix or improve?

In your efforts to improve your life, what if you could shift from self-management and control to self-discovery and development?

Imagine what might change if you could get past the idea that you need to be improved!

What if you could invest as much energy into self-discovery as you have into your efforts to manage yourself and the world around you?

The result would be a life directed by your authentic Self and fueled by the untapped resources and energy of possibility. This would mean the difference between living with the restraints and limitations of survival versus a life of freedom, personal power, and choice.

I’m really glad I joined. I’m finding the questions thought provoking and illuminating. I’m so much more aware of when I have a part activated. My experience has shifted from just trying to control myself more and being disappointed about those results to having compassion for myself and the part(s) that I’m blended with.

Amy K

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I am a few months into a Self-Lead group with Bill and it is my favorite day of the week. One-on-one sessions served me so well for two years, and now being in a group just elevates our shared humanity in a deeply impactful way. It is such a rare opportunity to be SO real, SO deep, SO compassionate as we learn to distinguish our parts with compassion and curiosity. I wish EVERYONE could have this experience! I am expanded, and grateful, and want everyone to benefit from Bill’s fun wisdom and world class listening. I could have said this more succinctly: I am learning how my survival techniques (parts) have worked so terribly hard for me, and now, with curiosity and love, I understand them, and know I generate all that I need. I CAN DO THAT. That is amazing.

Lori D

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