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Q: Is The Self-Led Project endorsed by or affiliated with the IFS Institute?

A: No, The Self-Led Project is a personal development program created independently by Bill Tierney, a Personal Development Coach and Certified IFS Practitioner.

Q: Is The Self-Led Project a training program?

A: No, it is a personal development program designed to help clients live the lives they wish to live.

Q: Where did the Self-Led Project come from?

A: The Self-Led Project was my Covid project. I worked on it for a year. It is already making a difference in the lives of my individual clients. The Self-Led Project is the premier centerpiece of my coaching practice. The material for the Self-Led Project is inspired by IFS, and by my own personal journey of personal transformation that began in 1982 when I got sober. Other influences that have helped me and my clients include 12 Step programs, Landmark Education, Accomplishment Coaching, The Work of Byron Katie, my personal IFS therapy work, and the work of my fellow IFS travelers. The Self-Led Project borrows some content from some of the coaching programs I have created in the past.

Q: Who is the Self-Led Project for?

A: The Self-Led Project is for those who are interested in either putting themselves on a path of personal transformation or for those who are already on such a path. The program uses the concepts of the Internal Family Systems model, but a working knowledge of the model is not required for participation. Newcomers to IFS will enjoy an introduction to the model that is both easy to digest and highly relatable for practically anyone. Even those who are well practiced with the IFS model will learn how to more effectively apply the model to create the lives they want.

Q: What can I expect to happen in the Self-Led Project?

A:  You will be in a group of up to twelve participants. Participants receive a link that gives them access to a PDF of the program workbook. Plan to use a notebook, a three-ring binder, or a digital device for exercises and home practices between sessions. Group sessions will be used to read and discuss program content, to discuss the exercise from the previous session, and to demonstrate the exercise for the current session. The nine-month program (delivered in three 12-week modules) includes 51 exercises and several other guides and forms.

Q: Where do groups meet?

A: All group sessions are virtual. We will meet online using Zoom Video Conferencing.

Q: How much work will I be expected to do?

A: Successful participation will require a commitment to do the work. Passive participation may yield intellectual understanding and an opportunity to enjoy some fascinating conversations and coaching. But participants will be expected to actively participate by doing the reading, self-research, and exercises described in the program workbook. Expect to devote at least one hour per week to complete your home practices.

Q: What commitments are required to participate?

A: I will ask all who wish to participate to make the following commitments.

  1. Plan to attend at least 10 of the 12 group sessions for each module including the first and last sessions.
  2. Notify me when you know you will be missing a session.
  3. Agree to confidentiality which will create safety for all participants.
  4. Complete the reading, research, practices, and exercises between sessions.
  5. Complete, sign, date, and return a coaching agreement to me prior to our start date.
  6. Make program fee payments on time.

Q: What end result can I expect from participating?

A:  Active participants who keep these commitments can expect to experience an increase in personal power and choice. This will happen as your self-awareness grows. You will also gain access to personal qualities such as clarity, confidence, and effectiveness in your life.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: Group sessions are 90 minutes long.

Q: How often will the groups meet?

A: Groups will meet each week for 12 of the 13 weeks in a three month period.

Q: What days and times do groups meet?

A: Click here for upcoming group days and times.

Q: What is the focus for each of the three modules?

A: Module #1, Your Internal World of Subpersonalities, Module #2, Shifting the Power Dynamic, Module #3, Practical Applications of IFS in Personal Development. In Module 1#, you will learn about the impact of the parts of you that can either help or hinder your desire to have the quality of life that you want.  In Module #2, you will learn how to work with your parts to reclaim your personal power and access choice. In Module #3, you will develop your internal leadership while applying what you have learned to problem solving and to create the life you want.

Q: What is the cost to participate in the Self-Led Project?

A: The cost for Module #1 is $1500.  The cost for Module #2 is $1200.  The cost for Module #3 is $900. Payment plans are available a 10% discount is offered when all three modules are prepaid.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Either email your questions to me at or go to to set up a free 30-Minute Discovery session.

Q: How do I register for the Self-Led Project?

A: To secure your seat in the Self-Led Project, simply click the register button and provide your information. Once I get your registration, I will send you an invoice for a $100 registration deposit which will be applied to your program fees.

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