This is an early release of Lesson 7 of the Love My Life Online Coaching Program.  The final version is not yet available.  If you listen to this lesson, feel free to use the tools and worksheets.  I only ask that you send me an email and give me some feedback after listening.

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Lesson 7



Power Center

Personal Empowerment Exercise Instructions

The purpose of this exercise is to train you on what impacts your personal empowerment.

12:00 “If you’re disempowered… the difference

Bank story

12:30  Step 1

18:35  “Who am I supposed to be as the mother?”  Trying causes stress and suffering

20:30  Angela – You pick up the traits of your parents

21:00  Parent training

21:30  Effort creates suffering

21:53  The energy expenditure of trying should have a good ROI.

24:45  Step 2

26:24   “Am I feeling joyful, am I feeling good?

29:25   Step 3

31:20  Angela – “What happens when a family lies together for an entire month….?”

Let’s let somebody else deal with this shit.

36:05  Step 4

36:45  Step 4

38:10  Bill – “If the action is based on what is so… it’s going to be empowering.”

41:40  Bill – “I need to …. oh shit!”

43:00  Bill – “The #1 goal here is to..”

43:20  Bill “ You are here and you can either…”

43:40  “If I’m busy trying , I miss it all”

43:49   Step 5

45:14 The 5 steps are…

54:40  Bill “We’re always present but we’re not always aware of it.


Power Center


Personal Empowerment Exercise

Worksheet PowerCenterV8.0


Personal Empowerment Exercise