Parts Connection

IFS Practice Groups

The purpose of this group is to create a safe space for individuals to practice getting to know the parts of their internal family systems. The group uses the Internal Family Systems model (IFS) and is facilitated by Bill Tierney, a Certified IFS Practitioner.

Parts Connection IFS Practice Sessions

What: 90-minute Internal Family Systems (IFS) practice session.

Where: Zoom Video Conferencing

When: Mondays from 6:30 AM to 8:00 Pacific Time

Cost: $10, $15, or $20 per session. You determine what you can afford.

For more information about Internal Family Systems, go to www.IFS-Institute.com


6:30 AM  Session opens with a brief meditation

6:35 AM  Introductions, welcoming parts

6:40 AM  Pick a number to work with me.  I will work with someone in the group for 15 – 20 minutes while the rest of the group will observe, noticing what parts get activated.

7:10 AM Two options –

  1. Stay in the main room with me while I work with someone else
  2. Go to a breakout room and work in a triad with two other participants. You will each have an opportunity to spend 10 minutes exploring any parts you are curious about using questions I will provide. When you are the Explorer, one of the others in your triad will ask questions while the other silently observes. There will be three rounds so that all who participate in the triad will have an opportunity to participate in all three roles: Explorer, Facilitator, Observer.

7:40 AM  Main room discussion.

8:00 AM  Close