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If the coach’s values match yours, or represent values that you aspire to, consider the coach’s approach to working with you. Here’s what you can expect when coaching with me.

Whether I am coaching a group or an individual, I am a personal development coach. The term, life coach is pretty broad. I am a life coach, but more specifically, I am a personal development coach because I like working with clients who are interested in developing themselves to effect changes in their lives. I help my clients develop themselves according to their personal preferences as clarified in the coaching process.

Because I recognize my client as the expert in their own lives and as the main source of cause and effect in their lives, I help them shift their focus inside where all the power they need to make the changes they wish to make can be found.

To support my clients in their personal development, I draw from my curiosity, my personal experience, and a well stocked toolbox of techniques and strategies I have learned along the way to help develop a person.

My Influences

Many of the techniques and strategies are my original creations. These creations have been influenced and informed by formal and informal trainings and personal development experiences over the years which include countless books, and:

  • Continuous abstinence from alcohol and non-prescribed drugs since 1982
  • Indoctrination in and withdrawal from 12 step programs which launched me on the path to my personal development. These included AA, Alanon, Codependents Anonymous, and Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Individual and Group Talk therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy
  • Bio-energetics Therapy (Alexander Lowen)
  • Several years of self study and practice of The Teachings of Abraham (The Law of Attraction, www.Abraham-Hicks.com)
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza courses
  • Meditation and Yoga practices
  • The Landmark Forum and Advanced Course
  • One year Ontological Coach Training through Accomplishment coaching
  • 20 years of practice using The Work of Byron Katie for myself and my clients
  • Levels 1 and 2 Internal Family Systems training to become a Certified IFS Practitioner
  • Years of personal coaching with various coaches
  • 7 years of pro bono groups using The Work of Byron Katie (www.thework.com) and IFS (www.IFS-Institute.com)

The Structure

No one model or approach fits all coaching clients. But I believe that structure and accountability are important elements of a successful coach/client relationship. The structure I offer is supported by over 500 pages of coaching content and exercises to support my clients on their journey.


While the exact process will vary for each client, available structure and support for client success includes:

  • Establishing coaching objectives
  • Documenting a baseline starting point through a unique and quantified self-evaluation process that is repeated later in coaching to measure progress
  • Creating a vision of the life that the coaching objectives will achieve.
  • Identifying short-term projects including strategies and action steps.
  • Weekly session check-ins for updating and accountability
  • Specific coaching requests for each session
  • Periodic progress reviews and resets
  • Identification of both internal and external constraints and obstacles to achieving desired objectives
  • Mindset and perspective conversations and home practices between sessions

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