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Mindset Reset Group Coaching Program

Reset your mindset to start getting the results you want

Get started on your path to an Empowered Mindset by resetting your thinking.

The Mindset Reset group is the first in a series of group coaching programs that make up Breakthrough Success Club.   Mindset Reset is designed to put you on the path and drive you forward to the life you want.

Mindset Reset gives you the tools that help you shift to a new mindset, helping you achieve success as defined by you.

This proven program establishes the foundation for personal transformation.  With practical exercises, tools and distinctions, clients notice progress almost immediately.

How it works

Using original tools and exercises created by Breakthrough Success Club founder Bill Tierney, you will tap into the power of your beliefs and thoughts.

As you become aware of the beliefs that get in your way, you will change them by taking a fresh look at them.  You will learn how to quickly shift your perspective and manage your personal energy when feeling challenged or disempowered.

By applying these tools to your current circumstances, you will develop new thought habits.  Practicing these tools with coaching and group support will change how you think, change how you feel, enable you to take actions and get the results that you want.

Over the course of the program, you will notice an empowered shift in your relationships, in your energy and in your work and business results.

Zoom video conferencing enables you to participate from where you are using your smart phone, tablet or webcam enabled laptop or desktop computer.

During your participation in the Mindset Reset Coaching Program, you can expect:

  • Increased Personal empowerment
  • Mental and emotional clarity
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved relationship skills
  • Access to inspiration, wisdom and motivation
  • Increased Confidence


The Mindset Reset Coaching Program includes:

  • The Mindset Reset curriculum, copyrighted content created by Bill Tierney, Personal Development Coach.

  • Twelve 90-minute Live Group Coaching sessions

  • A workbook with all the tools you need to reset your mindset

  • Personal empowerment tools

  • Group and coaching support

Your Investment.


90 minutes 12 times over 3 months

Estimated time for practices and exercises between sessions is 1 hour per week


$800 for 12 x 90 minute sessions over 4 months

Payment Options are Available


Set up a free 30 minute discovery session to see if Mindset Reset is right for you.
Since I started working with Bill I have increased my closed sales and have dramatically gained confidence in doing my job & handling difficult situations.  I would recommend Success Club to someone who would like insight & clarity about their life, either in business or in their personal life.  I feel that there isn’t any area of business that would not benefit from Success Club!!!

Cheryl Hartzog

Cheryl Hartzog

Real Estate Broker, RC Schwartz and Associates

I want to thank you for everything that you do, the time you commit, and the space from which you coach. I never thought the business meeting I had this afternoon could ever go as well as it did, and honestly before coaching with you I probably would have told them no thanks. Now I truly believe anything is possible. Thank you so much for helping me get to this side of the “meter.” YOU ROCK

Charlene Honcik

Owner , Badass Backyard Brewery

So far Breakthrough Success Club has helped me be more aware in the present moment as well as prioritizing my daily tasks. I’ve learned a lot from the other group members about being efficient. Can’t wait for the rest of the program to see what else I can learn.

Dr. Sam Nelson

Owner, Proactive Health Chiropractic

I was doing well in my life and career but wanted to take my life to a higher level both personally and professionally.   When I started Success Club, my main goal was to have a much better balance between work and my personal life…Life is already far more balanced and I feel great about the outlook for my future.


Aaron Reilly

Real Estate Manager and Mortgage Originator, Mountain West Bank

Mindset Reset Groups Forming Now

Call Bill Tierney now to learn more about how the Breakthrough Success Club Mindset Reset Group Coaching Program can help you have the life you want.

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