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Breakthrough Success Club Life Coach Training

From time to time, a client asks me how to become a life coach.   So, I tell them how I became one.

I was in my fourth career as a mortgage loan officer and had successfully recovered from alcohol addiction for over 20 years. To build my referral base as a mortgage loan officer, I invited Realtors to workshops about various loan types and strategies for working with clients.   Although it scared me at first, I enjoyed teaching and presenting.  This strategy helped me to get more referrals from Realtors which helped me build my business

In 2009, the country was experiencing a financial meltdown.  As challenging as mortgages had been in my first 10 years in the industry, it suddenly became impossible and I started looking around… again.

I had been living to work and working to live for 37 years.  I’d rarely enjoyed my work and found myself surviving most of my jobs.   Since I had an empty loan pipeline with plenty of time on my hands, I attended some classes at the community college.  I did great in school but didn’t have the money to continue.

Secretly, despite my advanced age at the time (54), I thought I’d like to become a mental health counselor.  All my years of recovery, participation in 12 steps programs, therapy sessions and self-help books convinced me that I might be able to use what I had learned to help others full time.  But after running out of money for school, I let go of the idea.

Then a friend introduced me to her life coach.  I met with him and knew instantly that I wanted to do what he was doing.  I hired him and asked him to coach me and to start training me to become a coach.  My first challenge was to generate the funds to pay for his coaching.  He helped me create a plan to get coaching clients while continuing to do home loans.

After I had been coaching part time for about 3 years and was earning enough from coaching to pay for professional life coach training, I registered for a one-year life coach training program.  We met one weekend a month.

About halfway through the year, I quit my mortgage job and began to coach full time.  That was at the end of 2015.

During my time as a life coach, several of my clients have expressed interest in training to become life coaches and asked if I would train them.  At first, I did what my first coach did with me.  I met with them individually without a formalized training program.

Eventually, I created a formalized program based on original Breakthrough Success Club content and concepts that I developed over the years.  The training is completed over 6 weekends in 6 months.

Students are supported in building their own life coaching practice.

The Flow of the Training

Weekends one and two, Going Inside, focus on how we react to life.  With the help of tools and concepts influenced by The Work of Byron Katie and Internal Family Systems, students begin to shift to an inside-out view of their lives.  By learning to focus on their internal thought and feeling processes, students become less reactive to circumstances which otherwise seem to bring unwanted influence to their experiences.

Weekends Three and Four, Mindset Reset uses the Mindset Reset Coaching curriculum, leverages the insights from the first two weekends using the Mindset Reset Group Coaching Program.  Students complete the Mindset Reset curriculum and are then trained to coach their future clients to complete the same curriculum.  Mindset Reset tools teach clients to quickly shift to an empowered mindset.  By the end of the Mindset Reset program, clients have created one-year and five-year life visions.

During Weekend Five, Empowered Projects, students learn how to create a vision and a plan to achieve it.  Students complete the Empowered Projects Coaching curriculum and are then trained to coach their future clients to complete the same curriculum.  By the end of the Empowered Projects program, clients have completed their first projects and have designed projects and plans for the next phase of their life vision.

Weekend Six, True Self Leadership, deepens the student’s skills and understanding, using the True Self Leadership Group Coaching Program.  This program, based on the Internal Family Systems therapy model, enables clients to get all parts of themselves to collaborate and support the new view and vision of their lives.

On the final day of weekend six, students will spend the morning reviewing the program.  Breakthrough Success Club Coach Certification follows at a hosted Graduation Luncheon.

Your Cost

The cost of the program is $7500 – $8100 depending on payment options.  Whether you are simply interested in personal transformation or wish to learn a system for helping others, this powerful coach training program will deliver both.    At under $45 per coaching/training hour averaged over the entire program, the Breakthrough Success Club Coach Training Program provides the tools, skills, know-how and confidence needed to build your own successful coaching practice.

For more info, contact Bill Tierney.  509.230.5152

The Breakthrough Success Club Coach Training Program

Designed to help students become the best versions of themselves by doing personal development work and creating internal space to support others in doing the same.  Class size is limited to 6 students to maximize the support offered to each individual coach student.  The limited group size also allows me to customize the training for each individual student.

The training begins with a live, in-person 3-day weekend intensive.  There are a total of 6 Weekend Intensives, one a month for 6-months.  Two-hour group video conferences are held weekly (18 sessions) for support between weekends.  Students have 21 individual coaching sessions lasting 60 minutes with Coach Bill Tierney.  In all, students are coached, trained and supported directly by me for over 180 hours during the training.

Training ends with a live summary and completion workshop followed by a graduation ceremony luncheon where students receive their Breakthrough Success Club Coaching Certifications for all three coaching programs: True Self Leadership, Mindset Reset and Empowered Projects.  Certifications qualifies each new coach to use all of the Breakthrough Success Club teachings, tools, exercises, worksheets and workbooks.

The training is held in Spokane Valley, Washington.  There are several hotels, motels and Air BnBs in the area.

To register or to learn more, schedule a FREE 30 minute Introduction.

2020/2021 Schedule

Weekends One and Two, Going Inside                    

September 18- 20, 2020 and October 16 – 17, 2020


Introduction to The Work of Byron Katie – Education and Demo

            Introduction to Internal Family Systems – Education and Demo


Weekends Three and Four, Mindset Reset             

November 20- 22, 2020 and December 18 – 20, 2020


            Mindset Reset Curriculum


Weekend Five , Empowered Projects          

January 15 – 17, 2021


Vision and Empowered Projects Curriculum


Weekend Six, True Self Leadership  

February 19 and 20, 2021      


            True Self Leadership Curriculum



Summary and Completion Workshop                     

February 21, 2021


Graduation Luncheon                                   

February 21, 2021

            Breakthrough Success Club Coach Certification Awards

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