An Introduction to Landmark Education

My friends insisted that I join them for a trip to Seattle to experience Landmark Forum. I had heard of Landmark but had no first-hand experience until I traveled with them for the three-day event. I had already been on a path of self-awareness, reflection, and personal transformation for 25 years.

My first experience left much to be desired. The event, called “Direct Access” was only offered for a brief period and was intended for graduates of the Landmark Forum. A few months later, the Landmark Forum was provided in my hometown, so I attended. While I struggled with many of the tactics and methods employed by Landmark to attract participants, I was influenced favorably by the concepts and distinctions that were shared.

Did You Know Your Future Affects Your Present?

The “How the Past and Future Affect the Present” concept in Module 1 of my Breakthrough Success Club group coaching program was introduced to me by Landmark. There were no written materials, and we were asked not to take notes at the Landmark Forum. However, I was so impacted by this idea that it stuck with me, and I found it to be useful in my own life and my coaching.

I don’t claim to have much original material. Practically every idea and concept in the Breakthrough Success Club coaching program originated from a source of support or inspiration on my journey which includes Landmark Education.

Other ideas that were enhanced by participation in five Landmark weekend courses and two weekly seminar courses that I participated in included…

  • the impact of the meanings that we give to the circumstances of our lives
  • what I know, don’t know and don’t know I don’t know. Our blind spots are where we experience insights and new awarenesses that shift our view.

My Recommendation

I highly recommend participation in the Landmark Forum. Be prepared to spend 3 ½ days in intense transformational education. Included in your cost is a seminar which is offered over several weeks following the Forum. Go get your breakthrough! I attended the Forum twice and left upset both times. While I blamed my upset on the strategies and tactics of Landmark, it is probably true that much of my upset was due to having my sacred cows poked. For that I am grateful.


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