I spoke with a client last week whose current employer had made it difficult for her to stay. She had been working under increasing pressure to perform under impossible circumstances. Her well-being and family life had suffered and she was on her way to a major breakdown.

My client was concerned about her financial security and wanted to find the next position quickly so she wouldn’t have a break in her income. She had begun to think she was not capable of the kind of position that would compensate her at the same level she had grown accustomed to. She had begun to see herself as a fraud.

I suggested that a coaching session to help her get complete with her thoughts and feelings about her current position may free her up to make a powerful and informed decision. Before she gave notice to her employer and began a new job search, she scheduled a coaching session.

At the end of the conversation, she no longer doubted herself. In fact, she took 100% responsibility for what had happened in her current position. Her fear that she was not capable – that she had overestimated her value was replaced with calm clarity about what she had to offer, what she needed to work on, and what she wanted in her next position.

I spoke with her a few days later. She had given notice to her employer, had posted her resume and had been contacted by three legitimate companies who were interested in talking with her. One of them flew her in for an interview. She expects an offer in the next few days that will meet or exceed her expectations.

Are you staying in a job because you’re afraid you won’t find anything better? A coaching conversation can help move you from insecurity, confusion, anxiety and fear to an empowering mindset of clarity.


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