True Self Recovery.   A new Coaching Program for those who feel stuck.

Inspired by the Internal Family Systems Therapy model, I have created a new coaching model to help discover and explore your Internal Team.  Your Internal Team is made up of beliefs and attitudes that can either keep you stuck or help you accomplish what has been unachievable in your life.  Examples of these challenging areas of life include:

  • The inability to be honest and authentic in relationships
  • Your business has stalled and you know what you need to do but can’t get yourself to do it
  • Feelings of jealousy and envy when you see others who have what you want
  • Lack of confidence at work
  • Hating your job but unwilling to take the risk of finding a new one
  • Hating your relationship and staying because you don’t want to be alone
  • Inability to love yourself and the constant search for love from others
  • Working too many hours and feeling guilty about how you are showing up as a parent and/or spouse
  • Addiction issues – using a person, behavior or substance to manage your emotions
  • Social anxiety preventing you from developing friendships or business success
  • General anxiety that sucks your personal power and makes it impossible to enjoy the present moment

I have been doing my own personal development work for decades using coaching, therapy, counseling, countless self-help books, workshops and conferences and participating in 12 step programs.  While I’ve benefited from each of these investments, the struggle to be who I want to be in life continues from time to time.  I don’t know anyone who has gotten this completely handled.  But I believe this new program, True Self Recovery will help you reclaim leadership of your Internal Team.

While True Self Recovery is inspired by a therapy model, this is a coaching program.  The difference is that we will not be spending a lot of time diving into your past to try to heal it.   Instead, we will use current life circumstances to distinguish the members of your Inner Team and explore the influence these team members have on you.  My clients and I have discovered that this is a powerful and effective first step toward achieving what we wish to achieve in life.

What is True Self?  

I believe that we were all born with all we needed to live a purposeful and happy life.  I believe that what the world needs most is for each of us to return to that original state.  Because as our True Selves, we are plugged into wisdom, natural power and love. 

Returning to our original state means recovery of our True Selves.  Along the bumps and detours of life most of us have lost site of who we really are and have developed an internal team to strategically keep us safe and to get us what we think we need.  This internal team was designed with the best possible motives at a time when their strategies, attitudes and beliefs were needed.

But now, some of those team members get in the way.  They are all parts of who we are but are no longer serving us.  In True Self Recovery Coaching, I will help you meet these inner team members and regain leadership of them so you can have that elusive purposeful and happy life.

If you are curious and ready to learn more, schedule a risk-free 30 minute discovery conversation with me.