What are you trying hard to do?  

Today is day 25 of my 30 day thought diet.   I was inspired to make this commitment after waking up at 5 AM in Kauai 25 days ago with anxiety and no present justification for it.  I got out of bed and began listing all of my thoughts, hoping I could find the cause of the anxiety and manage it.

Every day since then I have been spending 10 – 30 minutes investigating these thoughts and the effort has paid tremendous dividends in the form of empowering insights.

Today’s thought is, “I’m not trying hard enough.”  Have you ever had that thought?  To investigate, I reflected on all the things I try hard to do in my life.

Be a good father, husband, grandfather, coach, listener, to be loving, to evolve, to recover from addiction, to become more sane and emotionally sober and mature, to have peace, to let go, to have a successful coaching practice,  to limit the data use on my phone, to be good with money…..

I haven’t finished the list yet.  I could go on and on.  And I will.  But for now I am inspired to post this and ask you.  What are you trying hard to do?

Why would I bother to do this kind of internal investigation?  Why would you?  Because it is showing me my true values.  If something is really important to me it shows up in what I am trying hard to do or to accomplish.

And lately, I’ve been trying hard to stop trying so hard.  To let go.  To surrender.  I’m learning that I can’t do both At the same time.  I can’t both try and surrender.   When I am surrendered I am inspired to take actions that require no effort.  I don’t have to try at all.

And I’m learning that trying is about fear and surrender is about faith.  Faith in myself, faith in God, faith in the friendly nature of the universe,  faith that I don’t have to be in control of everything.  


I’d love to hear about what you realize, what you learn, and what you are challenged by as you consider what you are trying hard to do in your life.

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