IFS-Influenced Personal Development Coaching

It’s your life.  Start where you are.  Go where you want.





That’s why it’s so important for you to realize that you are the one.

That’s why it’s so important for you to learn how to tap into your own wisdom and power.


Begin to experience what you have been looking for all along –


What is Right for You?

I believe that you are the EXPERT in your life. I have learned how to tap into my own personal wisdom, power, and joy and now help others do the same thing for themselves.

I’ve invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in self directed education and experience to develop a unique coaching style that helps my clients quickly shift how they experience life. By accessing and bringing your True Power to every aspect of  life, you will experience clarity, purpose, focus, choice, higher energy, and more confidence. You will show up as your authentic, amazing, wonderful Self.

My job is to help you arrive at a point where you don’t need me. Not by being another expert or guru – by helping you to recognize and access your True Power.  We will start where you are and I will support you in the direction YOU want to go. You will develop an authentic self-confidence and realize that you already have all you need, and already are who you need to be to live a life free of suffering and filled with joy and purpose.

,Let’s start where you are.  I will help you get where you want to go.

Here’s what will happen.

We will start with a no-cost 30 minute Discovery Session.

If it feels like we may be a good fit, I will offer you a complimentary coaching session.

During our 60-minute meeting, you will determine whether it makes sense for us to work together. I will ask you about how things are going now, how things have gone in the past, and about your biggest challenges, opportunities, and frustrations. I will answer any questions you have about how coaching can help you to discover and leverage the wisdom and power you already have to create the results you want in your life. You will be under no obligation to hire me. I will guide the process and you will make all the decisions about what you want, what you don’t want, what you will do, what you won’t do, and whether to work with me.

If you decide to work with me, I will continue to guide the process. You will set the objectives for working together and will always be at choice about your actions and commitments. I will provide training, coaching, tools, exercises and guided conversations to help you discover and tap into your True Power.

To register or to learn more, schedule a FREE Discovery Session.

What can you expect?

If, at the end of our 60-minute complimentary coaching conversation you decide not to proceed, nothing more will happen. You won’t be pressured to do anything that doesn’t make sense or feel right.

If, you decide to hire me as your coach,

  • You will be asked to make a minimum 12 session commitment
  • We will schedule your coaching sessions (usually on the same day and time each week)
  • I will send you a coaching agreement to review and sign
  • I will send you an invoice to be paid prior to our first session

Once I receive your payment,

  • We will have our first session
  • I will ask you to identify what you want to accomplish with the help of my coaching
  • You will learn what to expect in each session
  • We will create your first home practices (work that you will do between sessions)

After our first session, we will meet each week for the duration of your commitment. During each session,

  • I will follow up on commitments you made in your previous sessions
  • You will be asked to bring a specific “coaching request” to each session which determines the agenda
  • We will address your requests in the context of your overall coaching objectives.
  • I will provide you with unique tools and exercises to support you in your journey of personal development.
  • You will be expected to spend time between our coaching sessions focusing on personal development exercises and self-observation.

We will review your objectives periodically to measure progress and update them according to your evolving priorities and preferences.


What do you want?

Maybe you don’t know what you want. But you know what you don’t want. So you try your best to manage and control circumstances hoping that when everything works out you will be successful and happy.

But when you manage to get circumstances to bend to your will, the satisfaction is fleeting and you’re left feeling used up. The “success” passes and it’s time to start managing and controlling again.  But you don’t have anything left in the tank.

The Struggle

Whether you have been on a path of personal development or not, you may still be struggling.

You’re not sure how and where to invest your time, energy, money, and attention.

You don’t know how to get happy or even content.

Despite your efforts to succeed, and despite the evidence that you’ve already succeeded in so many ways, there’s something missing.

Others see how great you are. But you don’t see what they see.

You’ve followed the rules. You’ve broken the rules. You’ve sought out mentors and gurus. You’ve rebelled against them all.

One school of thought would have you balance work and home life.

Business and Life Experts tell you what your priorities should be.

Self-help books promise to show you how to take control of your life and your business.

Other people seem to be able to make it all work. You wonder what’s wrong with you.

Expert opinion and advice sounds good until you try to apply these strategies and techniques but fail.  How frustrating it is to fall back into the same mindset, exhaustion, frustration, and disempowering patterns that had you looking out there for an answer!

The Solution

While it may sound cliche, the solution is within you.

My job is to help you remember who you really are so you can tap in to your True Power.

When this happens, you will have access to the power, choice, clarity, vision, wisdom, and passion that has been missing.

The external circumstances of your life will follow your internal transformation; not the other way around.

To facilitate this transformation, I will help you bring your internal government under the leadership of your True Self using the principals of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy model.

I am a Level 2 trained IFS Practitioner and use the tools of this model along with a curriculum I developed over a lifetime to help you create the life you want.

Individual Coaching Packages

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Individual Session Cost – $225

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