When I am in a coaching session with a client, many influences come in to play. These include The Work of Byron Katie, Internal Family Systems, and Landmark Education, all of which I have written about in other Life Hack Articles. Woven into these influences has been what I have learned about the Law of Attraction. This article is about the energy you give and receive to create the life you do or don’t want.

It was probably 25 years ago that someone suggested that I read, “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn. I’d heard about the book before but didn’t read it until 2002. I also learned about the Law of Attraction sometime in the late 1990’s after watching the movie, “The Secret,” I listened to a cassette tape (yes, that long ago) of Esther Hicks channeling the teachings of Abraham, a group of non-physical entities who spoke through her.

As I listened, I waged internal warfare. The words Hicks spoke made a lot of sense, but I had a judgment about channeling as a fraud and a pretense. It seemed like a performance to me. So I discounted the source and didn’t pursue it.

After reading Lynn Grabhorn’s book, I was more open to learning about the Teachings of Abraham and the Law of Attraction. At that time in my life, I was struggling with many things including financial insecurity. I found several videos on YouTube and watched as Esther spoke for Abraham. I decided to let go of my objections about where the information was coming from and just listened to the message.

An Experiment

I began to think that I could manipulate the universe. I experimented with affirmations and intentional thinking and had some dubious success in generating results. For example, after reading one of Scott Adams’ books, I decided to start experimenting with affirmations. I wanted to make more money, so I doubled the most I had ever made in a month in an affirmation, writing, “I, Bill Tierney, receive over $xxxxx.xx every month.” I wrote this statement 30 times every day for about three months. After a while, I got too busy to continue with the experiment and stopped. A few months later, I had my best income month ever and realized that I had earned more than the amount I had been affirming.

I concluded that I could manipulate the universe by using formulas and strategies to get what I wanted. I continued to read books by Jerry and Esther Hicks, my favorite of which is “Ask and It Is Given.” This reading had a profound effect on my perspective. I came to understand that we live in a vibrational universe. Everything is made up of whirling atoms and sub-atomic materials and energies, including you and me. We are made up of the same stuff.

I also realized that my emotional state determines the frequency at which I vibrate.

What’s your Vibe?

I began to think about the Emotometer, a visual tool that I created to help my clients identify their emotional range and their personal empowerment. Using this tool as a gauge to measure the frequency of emotion from -10 (negative emotion, low vibration, and disempowerment) to +10 (positive emotion, high vibration, and empowerment), I realized that we each have default settings. We all “idle” automatically at predictable levels based on our perspective.

Where we idle vibrationally determines what we attract into our life. For example, if I idle at -5, then I can only attract experiences, people, and matter that idles at -5. As long as my idle remains at -5, I will predictably attract more that matches -5 into my life. However, if I can rev up my idle to +5 and manage to keep it there over a sustained period, I can reset my default idle and begin to attract +5 experiences, relationships, and material things.

Groundhog Day

There is good and bad news here. The bad news first: Until I change my vibration, I will continue to attract very similar experiences, people, and circumstances in my life. And there is no fooling the universe. I can’t pretend to feel better than I do and expect to get different results. If I am indulging in emotions that lower my vibrations but pretending to feel better than I do, I will attract what vibrates at the level that I am actually feeling.

Ready for the good news? I can change how I vibrate. By changing how I feel most of the time, I can change my default “idle” (vibrations) and change what I attract into my life.

How Do I Change My Vibe?

So how do we change how we feel (vibrate)? I’ve noticed that what I feel is determined from my perspective. What I believe and think about any circumstance defines how I feel when I observe and interact with that circumstance. If I hate what is happening, the frequency of that vibration will invite more of what I hate. If I can challenge my beliefs, judgments, interpretations and other thoughts about the circumstance, I can change how I feel. Equally, by changing my focus I can change my vibration.  By focusing on lower vibration thoughts and circumstances, my vibrations drop. By focusing on higher vibration thoughts and circumstances, my vibrations speed up.

My body seems to know the truth. And in my experience, the truth feels better than a lie. The truth vibrates at a higher frequency than a lie. Once I started deconstructing what I believed, thought, judged, and interpreted, my perceptions began to change. And as my opinion changed, my “idle”; my default vibrational state shifted.

A Shift In Thought Shifts Vibration

This is the work that I do. I am a vigilante for negative thinking in my own life and the language and lives of my clients. If I notice my idle dropping, I question my thoughts, look for the facts and reset my idle. Or I focus my conscious attention on that which raises my vibrational frequency. When my clients complain about what is happening in any aspect of their lives, I help them to shift their perspective until they are empowered. This changes their vibrational frequency and attracts more of what they want and less of what they don’t want into their lives.

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