How Breakthrough Success Club Works

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The principles of the Breakthrough Success Club program are the same ones I uncovered in my own journey to personal empowerment.

Mind is the master.

I discovered that despite my desire to be successful in business and in life, I couldn’t sustain the changes necessary until I addressed my mindset.  I found that the way I viewed my job, my business and my life determined the actions I could and would take.  And I learned how to change my mindset and get myself out of the way to get the results I wanted.

Man gazing out of frameHow I think and how you think, while possibly similar are not exactly the same.  How I get in my own way and how you get in your own way may not look the same, but the mechanics are predictable.   I have found that my clients respond to my coaching and make big changes in their lives just as I have made changes in my own life.  By helping my clients to know and embrace who they are, they stop trying to be who they aren’t.

Circumstances are not the source of success.

I realized that I was spending most of my time and attention trying to manipulate life to get what I wanted.  What a stressful and futile way to live!  And what a relief to find that circumstances are not the source of my success.

woman in a distant room looking engagedThanks to skills I developed for aligning my thoughts with reality, I was empowered.   Once I saw that my beliefs determined my thoughts, and that my thoughts were the source of my actions, I got results that I couldn’t achieve before.   From newfound inner power and peace, my clients are having similar experiences in their lives and businesses

Beliefs are thought habits.

I define a belief as a thought habit.  The brain makes a habit out of anything we do repeatedly.  The brain creates behavior habits, feeling habits and thought habits.  Human beings are most comfortable with what is known and familiar.  Expect to get uncomfortable as you transform because that’s what happens when you try to change your habits.  We’re going to challenge your beliefs.  break-free from your boundsThis will upset familiar habits of thought, feelings and actions.  But with coaching support, you will have access to power you may not even know you have.  Enough power to form new habits and generate what was previously impossible.

Expect to experience unprecedented results when you’re willing to trade in the familiar for a mindset that aligns with reality.  By embracing “what is” you’ll discover and tap into what you were made for.

What is Breakthrough Success Club?

My participation in various groups has played a big part in my own transformation.  I’ve been a part of Bioenergetics and talk therapy groups, The Work of Byron Katie, 12 step groups and Landmark Education. I find group coaching to be a powerful way to deliver guidance, structure, accountability, encouragement and support efficiently and economically.

The first few groups I coached taught me a lot about the value of combining a predetermined curriculum with an environment to address my clients’ challenges and opportunities as they occur.  That’s how I ended up with my current model of group coaching.

Over time, I designed a curriculum to duplicate my transformation.  Now I invite groups of up to 6 people to experience their own transformation while offering and receiving the support of like-minded individuals.  We meet for 90 minutes, three times a month and follow a curriculum that provides the structure needed to provide the education and training for an Empowered Mindset.

It took me over 30 years to develop the habits that did not serve me.  It has taken me another 30 years to create new habits for living a life that I love.   I have condensed my journey into this powerful program.  Because I have been down this road, I am uniquely qualified to serve as your guide.   My journey of over half a lifetime and the results my clients have been getting since 2011 provide the evidence that this path leads to personal power, inner peace and any success you desire.

group fist bumpBreakthrough Success Club group coaching consists of 3  programs:

  • Part 1, Mindset Reset
  • Part 2, Empowered Projects
  • Masters Program (for graduates of Parts 1 and 2)

New groups begin as current groups complete.  Whether clients choose to continue beyond Mindset Rest or not, they learn tools and habits that serve them for a lifetime.

To register for a free 90 minute online workshop demonstrating the power and dynamics of a Breakthrough Success Club group, set up a time for us to talk using my online calendar at

Demonstration workshops are scheduled on the days and times of new upcoming groups.  Plan to attend one that fits your schedule.