Harry was referred to me by the doctor who employed him.  He joined Breakthrough Success Club when his boss offered to pay for his coaching.  But when his children’s mother decided to move to another state, he quit his job and followed them there to be in their lives.  This created a tremendous financial hardship for him.  He was frustrated with the kids’ mom because he had just started to have some great success in his current practice and was starting over again.  His children’s mother had moved to a city where the cost of living was higher.  On top of that, he was starting from scratch with his new practice.

Harry found that the pressure of the new practice mixed with his frustration from having to start again was getting in his way.  Despite his decreased income, he decided that the investment in coaching was worth it.  He found a way to pay for the coaching and we continued to work together.

He designed projects to create the business that he wanted.  He brought his internal struggles with the kids, with finances, with blending into the new practice, with building business, with cancellations and with self-doubt.  He did his thought work and stayed focused on his vision of the life he was trying to build.  After about 9 months, he reported that of the 6 medical practices he had worked in or started, none had ever been so successful.  He had just completed his highest revenue month in the 10 years he has been in practice.

Besides his financial success, Harry has used our coaching to:

  •                 Lose weight
  •                 Run an ultra-marathon
  •                 Improve his communications with the mother of his children
  •                 Improve his communication skills and connection with his two children
  •                 End a disempowering relationship
  •                 And fund a trip to Disneyland with his kids.

Harry had to make some hard choices.  Ending his relationship, moving and starting a new practice, continuing with his coaching and deciding to stop fighting and competing with the mother of his children. With focus, dedication, and the support of Breakthrough Success Club Coaching, he made his decisions with confidence and conviction and is enjoying the benefits of the mindset work he has done.

Here’s what Harry has to say about Breakthrough Success Club.

“Change your life! Change your relationships with yourself, kids, friends, co-workers and loved ones! Grow your business, while growing you! Bill Tierney has a way of pulling you out of your current truth and showing you it is okay to be present to grow!  If you want a change or are interested check this out!”

What could participation in Breakthrough Success Club do for you?  What would you take on with the right support and direction?