Discovery of these five principles was facilitated by my own personal transformation, most recently supported over the past 6 years by the Internal Family Systems mode. Follow along with me, Alision, Kathleen, Lori, and Walt as we discuss these five principles and the false beliefs they counter.

There are over 50 exercises in the Self-Led Project, a group coaching program that uses the IFS model to develop Self-Leadership.

You may wonder,

  • What is Self-Leadership?
  • Why is it important to develop Self-Leadership?
  • Why is it a problem if you don’t have Self-Leadership?

Before we answer these questions, let’s talk about the principles that inform the exercises in the Self-Led Project.

The Self-Led Project helps participants learn how to apply these five principles to transform their lives:

  1. Suffering manifests externally but originates internally.
  2. You are, at your core, fully resourced and have the power you need
    to overcome suffering.
  3. Change requires choice to overcome suffering and commitment to do
  4. External change requires conscious updating of the internal world.
  5. When the internal is updated, the fully resourced and empowered
    Self provides leadership and our purpose is revealed.

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