Learn how the Mindset Reset group can change your thinking

During this free 90-minute online workshop, you can discover more about how the Mindset Reset Group Coaching Program can help you get what you want in life and business.

During each workshop, I will demonstrate one of the powerful mindset tools used in the program. In addition, you will learn about:

  • Cost
  • Frequency of meetings
  • Start dates
  • What you can expect to happen during the program
  • What will be expected of you.

Each live online workshop is faciliated using Zoom video conferencing, an web-based platform with an app you can download onto your smart phone, tablet or computer with a webcam and speakers.

Sign up below to find out how Mindset Reset can get you moving forward to the life you want to create.  Upon registration, I will send you the link for the meeting.

About Mindset Reset

The Breakthrough Success Club Mindset Reset Program is a four-month group program that helps participants to produce unprecedented results in any area of life including relationships, business and leadership.

Mindset Reset is an introductory program, designed to bring you closer to an Empowered Mindset, a life in which you achieve success as defined by you.

You will learn Breakthrough Success Club tools that, when applied, help you shift into a new way of being and experiencing the world around you.

What kind of breakthrough results are possible for you?

What if …

  • You had the tools and skills needed to get the results you really want in life and business?
  • You were inspired to take the necessary actions that would get you results?
  • You knew how to quickly shift from powerless to empowered?
  • You recognized when you are getting in your own way and knew what to do about it?

Would your life change?

Breakthrough Success Club Group Coaching members have already achieved stunning changes in their lives. Here are some of the breakthroughs they’ve reported:

  • She became more productive and more profitable once she worked through her guilt about being successful. She began to set limits to how much of her time and services she gave away. She lost over 60 lb.
  • He decided not to end a friendship when he realized he was reacting to his story about what his friend meant. This opened an opportunity to have an honest conversation, to check out his assumptions and to reinvent the relationship.
  • She increased her income 300%.
  • He shifted from stuck to on fire. By dissecting the cause of his procrastination and reverse engineering a new outcome, he sprung into inspired action.
  • She quit her high stress, 50-hour-a-week job and started her own business. Her health was restored and her business is rocking!

How it works

Mindset Reset helps you get the results you need to be successful.

Groups of up to six participants meet three times per month for 90 minutes. The program includes:

  • Four months of coaching
  • Nine modules of Mindset curriculum
  • Personal empowerment tools
  • Group and coaching support

New Coaching Groups will be starting soon. Learn how this proven program can help you get the results you want in this LIVE 90-minute online workshop.

There is no cost to join this online workshop and no pressure to join the group.

GROUP PROGRAM COST: The current cost for the 4-month program is $1800 when paid up front or $500 per month for 4 months. (Program costs are subject to change)

The Mindset Reset Program is also offered to individual clients. It is a 4 month program meeting 3 times per month for $900 per month or $3200 when paid up front.