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How it works

Once you complete the Mindset Reset program, you will write a 1 year vision for the life you want.  Empowered Projects builds on Mindset Reset to give you skills for self-empowerment.

In the Empowered Projects program, you will identify projects that will get you started right away on creating the life you described in your one year vision.  You will be provided with all of the tools and coaching you need to create and execute your plan.

Groups meet for 90 minutes three times per month for 6 months. The Program includes:


  • Nine Modules of Empowered Projects Curriculum
  • A Workbook full of Tools, Exercises, Worksheets and Curriculum
  • Personal Empowerment Tools
  • Professional Coaching and Group Support

Do you know you already have the power to be successful?

You probably just haven’t realized it’s already in you to be creative and successful. This awakening is such an important part of your personal discovery.

After you’ve explored new shifts and possibilities in Mindset Reset, The Empowered Projects program helps you generate action from your personal power.

The group work guides you through designing and executing projects that put you on the road to the life you want to create.

The Empowered Projects program focuses on finding the qualities within you, including ones you never knew you had. Each of my clients brings unique qualities to the Breakthrough Success Club programs, and watching them discover themselves is my personal joy.

During Empowered Projects, look forward to:


  • Personal empowerment
  • Mental and emotional clarity
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved relationship skills
  • Access to inspiration, wisdom and motivation
  • Successful achievement of your goals

Your Investment



You will spend 90 minutes three times a month for 6 months.  This time is spent with your group and your coach.  During these sessions, we will cover the curriculum and I will provide coaching to demonstrate use of the tools you will be using to shift your mindset and get the results you want.

Between sessions, you will be practicing the tools, completing exercises and connecting with your fellow group members.  Figure that you will be spending an average of 20 minutes per day integrating what you learn in the program.


The cost for this 6-month program is $1650

or make monthly payments of $300.


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