Stop trying to fix all your problems.

Focus on how you created them in the first place.

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Focusing on solving a problem keeps your conscious attention focused on the problem. What if you could resolve what caused the problem in the first place?

Most of us have no idea how powerful we are! That’s because we are confused about WHO we are.

Once my clients realize who they really are, they begin to shift from being their own worst enemy to trusting themselves with what really matters to them. They discover their innate power and wisdom. Gradually, they learn to balance and harmonize their lives. The result is inner and outer peace and power.

I help my clients to…

  • Uncover their False Identity
  • Acknowledge the strategies of their False Identity
  • Understand the mission and purpose of their False Identity
  • Reveal their Shame Identity
  • Understand the Automaticity of the False Shame Paradigm
  • Heal the Pain behind the Shame
  • Reorganize their inner world
  • Discover their True Self
  • Reclaim Power and Choice

When my clients have reclaimed their True Self, they have access to an innate well of gifts that have been hidden away. With access to these resources they experience increased ease and flow in life. They naturally love and respect themselves and attract the love and respect of others. Insecurity and suffering is replaced by Self Love, Self Respect, and Self Trust.

Many of my clients have already tried everything. I thought I had tried everything too. Nothing worked until I learned this process and applied it to my life. Seemingly overnight, my pain and suffering made sense. My shame made sense. My strategies made sense. The real me began to emerge from the ashes of my life. I started showing up as the best version of myself.

Those who go through this process soon realize that they are not who they thought they were. And like me, they are relieved and delighted.

It can feel daunting to consider all the work this will require. It may be tempting to put it off until conditions get worse. But what will life be like if nothing changes? From the perspective of the True Self, a peaceful and empowered life is entirely possible.

Looking for quick solutions and formulas to solve our problems keeps us in all too familiar patterns. Shifting the focus to what causes most of our problems – the confusion about who we are – is a game changer. It takes a lifetime to create a life that that must be endured. It will take some time to create a life that is loved.

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Bill Tierney

Bill Tierney

IFS Practitioner and Personal Development Coach

Bill Tierney is a father, husband and grandfather who lives in Liberty Lake Washington.

Bill developed his coaching methods and approach following his own journey of discovery, transformation, and growth. A former grocery store manager, insurance agent, realtor, and mortgage loan officer, he found himself stuck in his own beliefs, frustrated as he tried to control his environment the best he could to get the results he wanted.

He entered a time of self-reflection and started to find clarity and understanding about what’s possible beyond the boundaries he had created for himself.

Now he is driven to guide you through the same discovery and personal transformation. Bill finds great reward in helping clients like you recognize their True Selves and become powerful forces in your business and personal life.

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