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10 Minute Mindset Reset Exercise

Use this exercise any time you want to increase your personal empowerment.

Step 1: Download the 10 Minute Mindset Reset worksheet

Step 2: Download the Emotometer

Step 3: Listen while I walk you through the process.

Climb the Ladder Exercise

Use this exercise to improve your sense of personal empowerment.

Step 1: Read the instructions

Step 2: Download the Emotometer

Step 3: Download the worksheet

Step 4: Climb the ladder to personal empowerment

Don’t Want vs. Want List

Use this exercise to gain clarity about what you want.

Step 1: Download the worksheet

Step 2: List what you don’t want

Step 3: Make a list of what you want


Parts Notes Questions

Here are a couple of tools to help you if you are doing Internal Family Systems parts work on your own. Use the Parts Notes for Protectors questions if you are working with a protector (a manager or a firefighter).  Scroll down and use the Parts Notes for Exiles if you are working with an Exile.

I suggest that you keep a log of the parts that you connect with. As you learn more about each of your parts, keep a detailed log of what you have learned about them. If you have a way to answer these questions digitally, create a file to save them, naming each form as the name of the part. Or, if you are handwriting your log, keep a designated 3 ring binder or spiral notebook to keep track of your parts.

Parts Notes PDF Guides

Often, when working with one of your parts using the Internal Family Systems model (IFS), other parts show up. When this happens, learn enough about them to add them to a list of Parts to Explore at a later date. Click the button below to download a Parts to Explore PDF.

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