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Read what some of my clients say about working with me

I am definitely a better executive as a result of my conversations with Bill which have helped me avoid getting emotionally entangled in my interactions in difficult situations. Bill’s coaching has helped me to operate as an executive above the fray and provide very steady, calm, confident leadership.

Working with Bill helps me with my perspective. He meets me where I am. When I first started working with Bill I had a low-grade depression and his approach has helped me shift to being happier overall in my life. I also had a negative dialogue about myself that is now gone. Bill is safe. I can talk to him about anything and don’t feel judged. He is an authentic person and what he says comes from his heart.

I would recommend Bill to executives who lack or have lost their confidence or who have challenges with their temperament and how they deal with other people.


Division Vice President and General Manager, A $4b Company

Everybody needs a Bill. I see Bill individually and with my husband.  I feel deeply connected to him. I love working with Bill because he is able to push and pull and provide a unique perspective layered over the IFS modality. This is an experience I haven’t gotten from any other kind of therapy or coaching. Bill provides a very human experience.

Bill’s coaching has made all the difference. So much has changed! My habits, my health, how I spend my time, how I lead my teams. Now I am leading a more powerful life that is more fulfilling.

I have referred a lot of people to Bill and would recommend him to anyone who is up to stuff in the world, wants to be up to even more, and wants to access love in their lives.

Julie Bosack

Co-Founder, Jute Creative, Portland, Oregon

When I first started working with Bill, I was going through a mental health crisis. I wasn’t handling things well, and was becoming increasingly aware that I was not ‘okay’. Issues from my past were catching up to me and I knew I needed to get a handle on my own mental health and well-being, but I didn’t know where to turn for help. I wanted to better understand how to deal with my own feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

From my first session with Bill, I felt more connected to myself, and was more aware of my own emotions. I like working with Bill because he is a compassionate coach, and is damn good at what he does. Bill is committed to his own personal journey, and there is a special partnership that is possible when you know that your own coach is pulling for you and that he is doing the same depth of work for himself.

If you have a bit of curiosity and open mindedness, are dedicated to your own mental health and well-being and have a desire to transform – to make some changes – I recommend Bill Tierney.

Kari Olivier

Co-Founder, Jute Creative, Portland Oregon

Getting so much from the group and your one-on-one coaching. You’re great at what you do in supporting people and I am feeling really lucky that we crossed paths. Yesterday’s session was very powerful for me. I think I know how everything is going to happen. But every time I go into an IFS session, I end up somewhere that I did not expect. Thank you for your skill and expertise in guiding me in our session yesterday. I hope you can feel how meaningful that experience was for me. I have so much gratitude.

Rebekah L

Bill, I so appreciate you and your work:) my life is drastically different for the better. I’m mean come on I’m living in sunny San Diego, and started a family, all because I wrote down a vision and it was a snowball effect.


Nine months after my husband died of cancer, I wondered,  “How do I get put back together?” A friend recommended that Bill might be able to help. Now I feel more whole,  I feel more confident, more sure, more relaxed. There’s not that heavy cloud above my head. I feel like I have the tools now. I’m feeling at peace, and finding more joy in my days. I’m not getting distracted by things I can’t control. I’m learning to live up to my potential and becoming the person I want to be. My insides match my outsides.

Kathleen Lehman, Spokane

What was it like before coaching with me?

Life seemed great, after 40+ years of 12-step recovery. I was searching for that elusive “Emotional Sobriety”- and yet, there was something that always seemed to take over my emotions. There was an internal world of ‘storms’ that arose with no prior announcement. I had been helping Bill with a project and was curious about how he helped other clients with life coping skills.

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with my service?

I wanted what I observed that other people had achieved – the ability to understand that inner world of emotions. Ultimately, I wanted Inner Peace!

What made my service stand out from other options?  READ MORE…


Liberty Lake, WA

Many chiropractic business coaches teach how to run a successful practice using models that have worked for them or others. They provide processes and scripts to use, assuming that following the plan and taking the actions will result in a successful practice. Failure is viewed as a lack of execution on the part of the coaching client. I have been successful at following these formulas – I did everything on the list. I did the checkboxes. I repeated the scripts and followed the processes. But I didn’t have the success I hoped for. A fundamental principal of this coaching is that the business coach knows more and knows better than the client.

Bill believes just the opposite. Bill knows I am the most qualified expert in my business and respectfully coaches me to tap into my own wisdom, instinct, and intelligence. When working with Bill, we do the lists. But we also figure out what I do and don’t want to do, and what’s holding me back from success. If a plan doesn’t work or I fail to take committed actions, we explore what contributed to the breakdown and do whatever work is necessary to shift my mindset.

In 2018 Bill suggested that, rather than constantly pushing myself and doing things I didn’t want to do, I take a different approach. He suggested that I back off and stop pushing for two weeks. I resisted his suggestion, but he convinced me to give it a try. The next week was the worst week I’d had that year. But during the second week, new patients began calling and the vision Bill had helped me to create began to take shape. I tripled my revenue over the next two years while seeing patients only two days a week.

By helping me work on the things I put in my own way, Bill helps me achieve what following a formula didn’t. One of the ways he does this is by using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model. By getting to know and understand what parts of me contribute to my success, and what parts impair my progress, I am now more easily able to self-regulate. This makes it much easier to trust myself and to operate my business with increased efficiency and success in less time and with less stress.

Bill has taught me to approach whatever I take on by viewing the project through an empowering lens. The result of this approach has been phenomenal.

Larry Callaway

Owner, Chiron Chiropractic, San Francisco, CA

I consider myself a high functioning person; good job, great friends. But escalating drinking began causing embarrassing incidents at work and home I never dreamed I was capable of – I horrified myself. I abused alcohol, secretly, every night, alone. I didn’t know why, or how to stop.

How could I know that making that first appointment with Bill Tierney would rock my entire heart, mind and soul?  Sessions with Bill, using Internal Family Systems (IFS) gave me a meaningful way to understand and heal. Today, I no longer want alcohol in my life and I continually surprise myself with self-love.

Guidance from Bill is warm, funny, gracious and wise. I am grateful beyond words for our work together.

I’ve learned how old wounds manage to live inside me and how to reinvent the experience in such a way that gives me profound insight and peace.  No more “whine / wine” for me. IFS, through Bill, gave me access to the joy of who I am. Priceless.

Our sessions transform me every single time. How do you say ‘thank you’ for that?

Lori Decicio

Spokane, WA

I have worked with Bill Tierney for several years. His coaching and approach to personal development have helped me grow my business and improve my relationships by teaching me how to overcome beliefs that used to hold me back. He coached and supported me through some rather turbulent and disturbing times; dealing my wife’s health, my health, as well as helping me in dealing with and overcoming an addiction to alcohol.  With the tools Bill provided and his instruction on how to use them, thankfully, my life today is the best it has ever been.

I recently attended Bill’s “Mindset Reset Workshop”. Not only did the workshop teach new me techniques and practices, but it provided me the opportunity to polish some of the skills I had previously learned. It was a gentle nudge (OK – It was a swift kick) to remind me that I don’t get my tools out of the toolbox often enough.

This refresher was not unlike a golfer getting a tune-up on his swing from a golf coach to improve his game or occasionally fishing with a guide to learn a new technique, fly selection or how to read the water differently.  The Mindset Reset Workshop provided just the shift in my thinking that I needed.

Bill is not only a great coach, but also a great friend.

Thank you for doing what you do!

Steve Nicholas

Owner, Swift Kick Business Consulting

Bill is an amazing coach!  He understood I was stuck on a business issue and was unable to resolve it on my own.  With his help it changed the way I practice my business.  I am very grateful for his support.  Thank you Bill.

I am already looking forward to our next meeting!  I can’t express how much I get out of them.

Joyce Bishop

Liberty NW Accounting Services

I am a work in progress. I have recently started a journey into self improvement with Bill Tierney Coaching!

I really thought this was going to be a lot different. I thought we would sit down over a cup of coffee and map out goals like you do in college. I thought we would review these goals each week and focus on the logical steps to get where I want to be. On the most basic level, we are doing this but it’s really much deeper. In our meetings, I challenge my thoughts. Sometimes I feel vulnerable. I’ve learned that CIRCUMSTANCES, perceived through the lens of BELIEFS attract THOUGHTS which activate FEELINGS motivating ACTIONS that produce RESULTS. Bam, there it is. It make so much sense. And with this, I believe anything is possible.

Deciding to change is kinda cool. I am putting more effort into being who I want to be. I had gone on auto pilot trying to just survive. I wasn’t happy about where my mind was setting me up to fail. I allowed doubt, false narratives, and fear to change my decisions. I am better than that. I’ve put together some goals to get where I want to be and started focusing daily on how to be “better”. I am more aware of  the lens through which I view my world; the thoughts I have and the story I tell myself. I am watching how my body reacts to my thinking. It’s pretty profound. I am changing my eating & drinking habits, working out more, being more patient as a mother, making an effort to be more engaged with the many aspects of my life, and looking to grow and become more authentically me.

Angela Dodson

Spokane Washington

You’ve been able to lift me up to 30,000 feet so that I could more clearly see what was important, remove the emotion and make good choices. I don’t think that I’d be where I am without your help.  Your methods helped me breakdown some self defeating beliefs and caused me to shift my point of view on my limitations. This opened up some amazing opportunities.

Joe Conrad

CMPS Retirement Mortgage Planner and Founder of the Silver Circle Network

I participated in Breakthrough Success Club’s Group coaching and Masters program in 2018. I had a couple of 1 on 1 sessions with coach Bill Tierney  and he came and conducted a 1 hour session with our team at The Grounds Guys Of Spokane. The tools, process and group accountability create an environment of tremendous personal growth. You don’t need to be local in Spokane for coaching so I encourage anyone looking to take their personal performance to another level to participate in a session with Bill. You’ll be glad you did. #defeataverage

Kenny Smith

Your coaching showed me I could change my mind.  I could challenge my thinking.  I am empowered, I have the power to make choices.  Being in a group allowed me to see through their eyes things I couldn’t see for myself.  By participation in group coaching, I related to others in the group who were also blinded by their limiting beliefs.  As I started seeing through their beliefs, I could see through mine.

Carly Cloer

Spokane, Washington

I highly recommend any business person that wants to improve their success meet with Bill for a free consultation.  He works with business people of all types; business people in general, commission sales people, small business owners, and corporate executives.

Chad Cleveland

President, Effortless IQ

I want to thank you for everything that you do, the time you commit, and the space from which you coach. I never thought the business meeting I had this afternoon could ever go as well as it did, and honestly before coaching with you I probably would have told them no thanks. Now I truly believe anything is possible. Thank you so much for helping me get to this side of the “meter.” YOU ROCK

Charlene Honcik

Onwer, Badass Backyard Brewing

Since I started working with Bill I have increased my closed sales and have dramatically gained confidence in doing my job & handling difficult situations.  I would recommend his coaching to someone who would like insight & clarity about their life, either in business or in their personal life.  I feel that there isn’t any area of business that would not benefit from coaching with Bill!

Cheryl Hartzog

Broker, R.C. Schwartz Real Estate

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