Personal Development Coaching Tools

Find links below for various tools you may find helpful. If you are or have been one of my coaching clients, feel free to use these tools for your own personal development. Please do not grant access to others without my permission.

Workbook Sections

The Self-Led Project will replace the True Self Leadership Program when completed. For now, feel free to do the exercises.

Parts Notes Forms and Guides

Here are a couple of tools to help you if you are doing Internal Family Systems parts work on your own. Use the Parts Notes for Protectors form if you are working with a protector (a manager or a firefighter).  Scroll down and use the Parts Notes for Exiles if you are working with an Exile.

I’ve recorded some audio guides to support your work. I suggest that you keep a log of the parts that you connect with. As you learn more about each of your parts, keep a detailed log of what you have learned about them. If you have a way to complete these forms digitally, create a file to save them, naming each form as the name of the part. Or, if you are handwriting your log, keep a designated 3 ring binder or spiral notebook to keep track of your parts.

Parts Notes PDF Guides

Parts Notes Audio Guides