When it comes to giving feedback, you probably fall into one of three categories:

  1. You have a lot of great advice for others but nobody seems interested in it.
  2. The thought of offering feedback is so terrifying that you might just fall to your death before asking someone to adjust their handhold.
  3. You give feedback in appropriate portions but doubt and second-guess yourself.

Let’s face it. Offering feedback can be risky business. To reduce the risk and increase your effectiveness, follow the Five Rs for giving feedback.

The ability to deliver helpful and needed feedback is an art.  Without feedback businesses cannot effectively serve their clients well or achieve the goals of the business.

 When giving feedback, follow the 5 Rs.

  1. Relevant. Before giving feedback, know how your feedback relates to the objectives that you and your team members are trying to achieve and how it relates to the core values.
  2. Respectful. Before giving feedback, check yourself.  What is motivating your feedback?  Is it about you or about business objectives and goal achievement?  Clear your emotions first and deliver your feedback in a way that you would want to receive it.
  3. Researched. Know the facts.   Do not overstate or minimize your case when giving feedback.  Do the research first so you can state the facts accurately and relate them to the objective that this feedback is designed to help accomplish.
  4. Reinforce. When giving feedback, reinforce your positive intentions and your confidence in the recipient of your feedback.  Offer the feedback with clear and specific details about what you noticed, what you suggest and what you request.  If your feedback is accepted, offer to support the change.
  5. Resolution. Feedback without a solution is just a complaint and can be easily perceived as criticism.  Be prepared to collaborate with your teammate to find a solution.

The other side of giving feedback artfully is receiving it gracefully.  Read more about how to see feedback as a gift in my blog post, The G.I.F.T. of Feedback.


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