I always start the coaching process by asking my clients to describe the future they would like to be living. Creating a future vision is a great first step toward achieving any goal.  In this article, I give you 3 steps to success.

Step 1. Get very clear about the results you wish to achieve.

You have probably read motivational and Inspirational books, attended training, seminars, and programs which were all designed to help you make changes. And you have probably experienced some success in your efforts to change. Change doesn’t come easy, does it?

You have enjoyed success in your life. Yet, like most of us, that success may seem somewhat limited and unsatisfactory. Consider that limited and unsatisfactory results are predictable if you continue to use the same tools and strategies that you have always used. To produce real and permanent change requires new tools and new strategies.

We have all relied on our actions to make the difference. And that’s as it should be. Results require action. But changing our actions is not sustainable unless the fuel and motivation match those changed actions.  We do most of what we do automatically. Most actions, as well as the thoughts and feelings that align with them, are habitual.

In Breakthrough Success Club, my clients start by creating a vision for the life they want. Taking the time to really think about how you want your career, your business, and your life to look feel and be enables you to produce the results you want.

So what drives our actions?

Our level of comfort or discomfort motivates us to act or to avoid action. Our brains are programmed to take actions to experience the safety and security of the familiar. We take or avoid action to return to comfort. When we feel scared, we act to feel safe. When we are hungry we act to satisfy our hunger. Our brains help us to survive by prompting us to do what is necessary to stay comfortable. To stay comfortable, we access what we know, the skills we already have, and our known and available resources. Acquiring new information or new skills, considering new thoughts or new actions will predictably bring about a level of discomfort. Without conscious intention, we will act to return to comfort by avoiding anything outside of the realm of what we already “know”’.

Our thoughts make us feel what we feel when we believe those thoughts. I know it seems like the circumstances in our life are responsible for how we feel. But in fact, it’s what we think about what happens that makes us feel what we feel.

There is what happened, and then there is our story about what happened.

Some thoughts energize and empower us, other thoughts disempower and deplete our energy. When our thoughts create this kind of power leak, we lose our ability to innovate and create so that we can produce the results that we want.

Step 2. Believe your success is possible and that you are capable of achieving it.

A belief is an idea that we reference to inform our choices. Beliefs live in the subconscious and account for our automatic reactions to what happens in our lives. Beliefs put the meaning behind all that we experience.  So when something happens, we think thoughts that reflect our automatic beliefs. We automatically react to those thoughts. As long as we think that we are reacting to circumstances, we are stuck in an endless cycle of trying to control and manipulate the circumstances of our lives. When we practice disciplining our thoughts which are the true source of our reactions, we seal up the power leaks and act from power and integrity.

Step 3. Take the actions necessary to ensure success.

Once you have described in detail the life or results that you want and have worked with your thinking so that you believe achieving it is possible, it’s time to get to work. Vision and Belief should ignite action. All that’s missing now is a plan.

To produce the results you want in your life:

  1. Get very clear about the results you wish to achieve.
  2. Believe your success is possible and that you are capable of achieving it.
  3. Take the actions necessary to ensure success.

Without a vision for the future, you have only the past and present as your reference points. You spend your life’s energy trying to avoid the past or trying to get better results than those you have accomplished so far. You focus on the problems of the past and present, blinding yourself to the possibility of a transformed future.


 A powerful, inspiring and compelling vision of the future provides a new focus that transforms the way you think, feel and act. These new thoughts, feelings, and actions, when aligned with this vision and a plan produce breakthrough results that make the vision a reality.

Simply taking the time to write your vision will forever change the course and destination of your life.

I’ve created a free PDF to help you to design your own compelling and inspiring vision.  Get yours today and start creating a vision for the life you want.


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