You already have the solutions to your problems. If you stop to think about it – when it comes to business, what is that one thing that you know would work to give you more success? Perhaps it’s hiring an employee. Maybe you need a line of credit to invest in advertising. You need to increase your networking or prospecting. You know connecting with your previous customers, clients or patients would pay huge dividends.

But are you doing those things? If you could just get yourself to start taking action, you know it would grow your business. You’d probably get more clients and become more successful. But you’re not doing it. Why? In this article, I’m going to have you dig deep inside yourself and answer ten questions to start taking action toward success. Let’s get started.

Why bother?

Before you answer that, why does your business success matter? Why bother getting more clients so you can become more successful? What if I told you that taking 15 minutes to answer ten questions could shift your ability to have that success?

Whatever you are doing is getting you the results you’ve obtained so far. But that’s not enough for you or you would be content.

This exercise is intended to help you break through your interior mental barriers, create real answers to what’s holding you back an get you into effective action.

Prepare, then begin.

Set the timer on your phone for 15 minutes. Close the door and create some private, uninterrupted time for yourself. If anyone asks what you are working on, tell them you are working on business planning. Put your electronics on Do Not Disturb. Are you ready? Here we go.

Answer these questions in writing or type them on a blank document.

  1. What is one thing that you know would work if you just did it consistently?
  2. Why aren’t you doing it? Tell yourself the truth.
  3. What if you did it and it worked? Take at least a couple of minutes to describe the rewards of this success.
  4. How did it feel when you imagined success? If zero is neutral and ten is jumping up and pumping your fist and screaming, “Yeah!”, what’s your number?
  5. What are you afraid would happen if you tried it?
  6. Is your answer to #5 based on fact or did you just make it up? If you made it up, reword or rethink through your answer until it’s factual.
  7. What are you afraid would happen if it worked?
  8. Is your answer to #7 based on fact or did you just make it up? If you made it up, reword or rethink through your answer until it’s factual.
  9. Your answer to question #3 points to your “why.” Go deeper. What is important about these rewards? Go deeper again. What’s important about that?
  10. We do what we do because of how we feel when we think about doing it and how we think we will feel if we do or don’t do it. Is your “why” greater than your “fear”? If not, there is discovery work to do on your “why” and demolition work to do with your “fear.”

If you took the time to do this potentially life-changing exercise, congratulations. Then, you are one of the one-percenters who are willing to get real with themselves. Repeat this exercise at least once a month to create the results you want.






Bill Tierney is business success coach who has worked with business owners on their mindset to enable them to access the power to create the results they want.