Bill Tierney Coaching offers
personal and professional group and individual coaching.


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Group Coaching

Bill Tierney Coaching helps you break free of the habits and toxic thinking that can keep you mired in that stuck place.

Designed by business and personal development coach Bill Tierney, the Breakthrough Success Club group coaching programs are built to challenge the way you think. Bill delivers guidance, structure, accountability, encouragement and support, while you learn how to transform yourself and create an Empowered Mindset.

Groups of up to six people experience a transformation to more empowered selves, while learning and offering support to each other.

Breakthrough Success Club features:

  • Mindset Reset – a 4-month program focused on mindset
  • Empowered Projects – a 4-month program focused on executing a plan
  • The Masters Group – an advanced group program for graduates of the first two programs.
  • Three 90-minute group meetings per month
  • One one-on-one coaching sessions every two months with Bill
  • Live meetings via Zoom video conferencing
  • Success Club workbooks

Schedule a free 30-minute introduction with Bill and learn how Breakthrough Success Club can help you move past your fears and realize the life you want.

Individual Coaching

Using many of the same tools from his group coaching programs, Bill Tierney works with individuals to help them become leaders in their own lives.

Because coaching is focused entirely on you and any aspect of your life that you want to focus on, progress is always relevant and focused.

About Bill

Bill Tierney is the founder and CEO of Breakthrough Success Club, a personal development program based in Spokane, WA.

Bill developed the course curriculum following his own journey of discovery, transformation and growth. A former mortgage loan officer, he found himself stuck in his own beliefs, frustrated as he tried to control his environment the best he could to get the results he wanted.

He entered a time of self-reflection and started to find clarity and understanding about what’s possible beyond the boundaries he had created for himself.

Now he is driven to guide you through the same discovery and personal transformation. Bill finds great reward in helping clients like you recognize their True Selves and become powerful forces in your business and personal life.

Discover what is possible with Breakthrough Success Club. Book your free 30-minute chat with Bill now!

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